Sunday, 6 July 2014


Last weekend I published my second "Muscle Wars" post, with two bodybuilders going head to head for your votes, and the winning guy receiving his own post. It was a battle of the young muscle cuties with Canadian beef hottie Dana Baker gunning for your votes over fairly unknows muscle cutie Vladimir Iacovlev from Moldova in East Europe. The votes were extremely close, but with just 51(!)%, the winning beef packed posing trunk clad cutie was...VLADIMIR!!

And my reaction? HELL! FUCKING! YES!! Hehe! Ok as much I like that cute lil' scrunchy monkey Dana, I have to say I bloody LOVE Vladimir (and my love for him has only grown this past week!) so while I would have happily made a post on Mr. Baker, I'm really chuffed that Vladimir (I'm trying to limit the amount of times I have to spell out his surname as much as possible!) won!

So...the question is not so much what do I love about Vladimir, but where the FUCK do I even start with what I love about Vladimir (WARNING: This could be one loooong ass post)?! Here's a good start...his looks! Correction: his bloody adorable, cute as a button, nice lad/"butter wouldn't melt up his arse but his posers probably would with all the stage lights" looks!! WHAT. A. FUCKING. CUTIE!! A head that pretty has absolutely no business being on the same continent as Vladimir's body, let alone being fucking attached to it.

Which nicely leads me on to...THAT BOD!! Brutally thick! Phenomenally hard! Incredibly shredded! Vladimir is 2'3 (actual height not known, although the legend goes he's the exact height of a pint glass) of dry, solid, beautifully carved out, ripped to buggery muscle mass! And doesn't he just fucking LOVE to flex and squeeze and show off said mass on stage in the most adorable manner!

When he's cranking out his poses while flashing that bloody gorgeous, kinda shy but also impish smile he looks like the kind of lad your granny (or most women over the age of 60) would love/feel the overwhelming urge to pinch the cheeks of, but then when he's fucking SLAMMING down those low down most musculars (evidenced in a couple of pics below but probably better in the vids at the end of the post!) hard and nasty, face all scrunched up like a monkey, or mouth curled into a cocky "OOOOHH" expression, he looks like the kind of lad your granny would tut, hoff and scoff at and run/hobble off on her walking stick in the opposite direction at the sight of mumbling something about the youth of today! You naughty bugger Vlad!

The cute/lovely/adorable looks...the thick/shredded/brutal beef...the cheeky/adorable/cocky tude...Mr. Iacovlev (thank you copy & paste) is one seriously awesome, insanely cute, pint sized lil' muscle pixie who is a more than worthy winner of any muscle related poll!!




  1. Whoa what a little hottie !!!! In those leopard briefs ....I can hear him roar !

  2. Wow, my vote counted. What a young gorgeous muscle stud. A post with him and Ivan "THE GREAT" Kochetkov would be HOT, and yea I hate the girl with his PRO TAN on her hands. Great post Addict.

  3. Hot hot muscles and just a beast that is coming in due time!! Just pure raw muscle!! Nice work muscle addict��

  4. Flaming HOT, even clothed, just look how gorgeous he is in his hunky jeans and plad shirt, spiked hair and so fucking adorable. WOOF!!!!!!! Great post Addict.

  5. Go, Vlad! See me to claim your prize!

    But serious, this guy is AMAZING. So young and so built. I love the cut of his posers, though I think he could go a bit skimpier. Still, they ride lower on his hips than a lot of bbers nowadays -- and that makes him stand out even more in my book!


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