Tuesday, 15 July 2014


OK hands up who loves the image of an outrageously pumped, carved out muscle freak with a lower back so incredibly hard, so unbelievably dry and so freakishly ripped that it shaped like a fucking Christmas Tree?? So brilliantly bonkers, so out of this world freaky, so damn bleedin' hot and just flat out fucking awesome!!

And if you like this then you have my mate, who often posts on here as "omfgmuscles" to thank, as this (fantastic/bonkers) idea for a post was his!


  1. Seriously. What kind of place has Christmas trees on display in JULY?? Oh yeah, the world of MUSCLE baby!! And they are some mighty fine looking trees too. Can I decorate one? Or can I just get up close and see how beautiful and pretty they are? Any ideas who the dude yanking down his silver posers/shorts is mate? The tree itself is great but my god these guys just HAVE to take it that bit further!!! ;)

  2. This is so freaking hot, not only the ripped trees but a glute bonus (boneass) as well. Who is the first pic Addict, young ripped to shreds dream stud. Great post.

  3. OMFG INDEED ADDICT!!! Aw bless you mate I am honored--what a fucking shhhrrreeeddddeddd up roidmonkey collection you've assembled for us all to go splattypants to!! The one of Aaron in his blue shorts (fucking traps!), stud in purple, INSTAGASM pic of Szymon ass-craters, that FUCKING SLICED Italian guy in purple trunks, and I always forget what a lovely tree Jake has. Thank you for reminding me! (SPLAT). Great post addict--will have to check in more often :)


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