Thursday, 10 July 2014


And from one fairly unknown young amateur European muscle cutie, to two well known barely human American pro muscle FREAKS in the form of 212 veterans David Henry and Guy Cisternino!!

I've never dedicated a post to either of these monstrously muscular, beyond shredded, tude packed pocket rocket muscle monsters before, but that doesn't mean I don't love the brightly coloured posers off the both of them! David was someone I (criminally) ignored for a while, then I saw him in a comparisons video and was just completely blown by his body! Correction; the excessively muscular, outrageously monstrous, beyond human mountain of MASS he has the damn bleedin' cheek to call his body! I'm never failed to be amazed by the sheer fucking quality of Henry's muscle. His hands clasped together most muscular just flaws me! He looks so brutally thick, comically wide and ridiculously monstrous cranking out that pose. His insanely dry back, crazy glutes and shredded beyond reason quads all help make up David's incredible physique! And then of course, there's that powerful, over the top, animalistic and down right cocky tude he displays when he's blasting out those poses! Fucking awesome!!

Guy, on the other hand, is someone I pretty much loved the first time I saw him as an NPC amateur bodybuilder. Since then he's morphed into one big phenomenal mass of thick, solid, dry, veiny, shredded to buggery BEEF. Guy's brutally hard muscle just bulges and explodes off his body from every possible angle. You wonder if the fucker could possibly pack any more mass on to that 5'5 tall frame! And, much like David, he's perfectly mastered the art of showing the beef and hitting his poses with the most fittingly and outrageously cocky attitude you can imagine! Guy is hands down one of *the* best face scrunchers in the business! The crazy tude he displays and the bonkers expressions he pulls when he's ripping up the stage have to seen to be believed! Squinting, scrunching and snarling his way through every single pose, Guy is the most in your face cocky, playfully aggressive and power packed poser!

Both of these ridiculously awesome 212 class bodybuilders have racked up first and second placings in various pro shows in the last year, and they'll both be heading for the Mr Olympia in September, no doubt in an attempt to continue that trend! I'm predicting a repeat second place for David behind Flex Lewis, and at least a top five showing for Guy!


  1. David's back shots in the red posers is beyond breathtaking. The massive, MASSIVE slabs of carved, granite, streching that silky, velvet skin is again, what can you say besides BREATHING!!!!!!!!!! Great post Addict.

  2. Henry is better and is very intense.
    Cisternino, may lack a little less muscle, but he's really intense in his poses. I find him hot, especially when he's grimacing and flexing to the max.


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