Sunday, 29 June 2014


Earlier this year I published the first part of a new series of posts asking you what your favourite posts of the year have been, with a view to compiling some sort of list(s) towards the end of the year revealing the results. Now it's time to vote for your favourite posts from the past few months!

Which posts have you enjoyed the most? Did you like my (admittedly slightly bonkers) colours of the rainbow (hehe) themed posing trunk post? How about the "10 Best Looking Bodybuilders" posts? Or maybe you preferred my recent "10 Cockiest Posers" posts? Did my last glutes post get you squirming? Maybe my latest face scrunchers post had you panting, or you took a liking to my latest "Confessions of a Muscle Freak" story?

Which bodybuilders featured in their own posts had you ruff-ruff-ruffing into your laptops? Italian muscle hotties Mirco Caselli and Daniel Sticco? American BEASTS Jon Delarosa and Juan Morel? Pro muscle monsters Jose Raymond and Big Ramy? Or maybe you thought my recent posts on Euro hotties Milan Sadek (WOOF) and Roman Fritz (DOUBLE FUCKING WOOF) blew all the others out of the water?!

There are two polls below, one with choices compiled of my posts featuring specific bodybuilders, and the second featuring all my other posts. Which post(s) get your vote (you can vote for as many as you like)??


  1. Always love your polls Addict to see who really likes what in muscled male perfection. Just a thought, you might like to do a post on Calum von Moger who just won the 2014 nabba mr. universe. He is beyond STUNNING, MUSCLED AND GORGEOUS. Thanks Addict. Love your blog.

    1. Thanks for the lovely words matie! Calum has definitely been on my radar recently! He's ridiculously gorgeous and built like a fucking tank. No plans as yet to give him his own post (that could always change though) but you might notice him popping up on the blog in other posts!


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