Thursday, 26 June 2014


Earlier this week I posted the first half of a list of the cheekiest/cockiest/most arrogant posers in bodybuilding!! Here are the guys who've made the list so far...


And here's the second half of those shamelessly cheeky and playfully arrogant fuckers who work the beef and show off their obscenely hot slabs of thinly skinned shredded muscle while cranking up a tude that's crazier and cockier than the rest...


This is roughly what Ben Pacman Pakulski is famous for; being one of the biggest and best Canadian muscle monsters in bodybuilding...possessing some of the biggest and freakiest quads in the business...and *never* failing to hit the stage and flexing his carved up mounds of massive muscle while adopting the most awesome, hyper-masculine, uber-aggressive, shamelessly cocky and just plain fucking arrogant TOOD!! Bonkers scrunching, crazy snarling, awesome tongue showing and ALL!!


Ahhhhh Rob Burneika. The very definition of a shy retiring wallflower. YEAH BLEEDIN' RIGHT!! If anyone ever accused this guy of NOT fucking LOVING being a huge pumped up uber-human muscle beast, and every single second of flexing/posing/showing off his incredible mass, I'd say that person had the wrong Rob Burneika!! The tude on this dude is just fucking unbelievable! You can *always* rely on Rob to rip up the stage like an absolute NUTTER, cranking out his poses while scrunching, snarling, sticking his tongue out like a naughty rascal and opening that mouth as wide as humanely fucking possible like the hyper-macho, uber-cheeky, cocky as fuck muscle BULL that he is!!


Ok let's see...scrunching up his mush to ridiculous/playful/animated/cheeky/CUTE degrees as he cranks his insanely thick, granite hard balloons of muscle mass?? Check!! Outrageously sticking out his massive tongue while jamming his eyes tight shut while blasting a beef exploding most muscular?? Check!! Ripping up the stage and flexing the goods with his (cute) face and mouth contorted into all manner of bonkers and cocky as fuck expressions?? Check check check!! Make no mistake, James Flex Lewis is one of *the* most charmingly cheeky, brilliantly animated, and down right fucking COCKIEST muscle freaks in the business!


It's only right that the bodybuilder who's been crowned Mr Olympia for the past 3 years just so happens to be one of the cockiest posers in the industry! Actually, scrap cocky, let's try...over the top fucking aggressive, un-apologetically arrogant, and downright fucking animalistic!! You will not find *any* footage of Phil on stage where he's not pulling some of *the* cockiest and bonkers expressions you can imagine! The way he fucking scrunches and snarls and yep, you guessed it...cranks that mouth open wide (I'd love to know who the first bodybuilder to ever do this and start the trend was!) as he shows the audience what a superhuman mass of insanely thick, inhumanely huge balloon-esque muscle he is has to seen to be fucking believed! Call me crackers but he also seems to be getting even *more* cocky and arrogant with each passing year/Olympia appearance!!


There are so many things I love about Aaron Clark. The cute cheeky looks...the sliced and diced, inhumanely shredded, flat out fucking freaky bod...and that in your face, playfully arrogant, over the top cheeky, has to be fucking seen to be believed COCKY attitude Aaron *always* adopts when he's squeezing his incredible mounds of craved to perfection muscle! Cocky does not even come close to describing Aaron's TOOD! FUCK!! The dude's a bleedin' nutter, cranking and crunching with the craaaaaziest facial expressions ever pulled by one bodybuilder/ripped up fucking muscle freak. And here's another thing I love about Aaron. Unlike a lot of bodybuilders, Mr. Clark doesn't just save that awesome tude for the stage. There are loads of candid/photo shoot pics, and posing/backstage/interview etc. videos of Aaron posing and he pulls the *exact* same fucking facial expressions as he does on stage!! Outrageous! Awesome! Cocky as fucking FUCK!!


Johnnie Jackson, Greg Doucette, Dave Henry, Branch Warren, Johnny Doull, Bostin Loyd, Denis Wolf, Evan Centopani, Baitollah Abbaspour, Juan Morel, Guy Cisternino, Dexter Jackson, Szymon Lada, Jay Cutler and Peter Molnar!

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  1. I like Ben Pakulski and Robert Burneika.

    Both bodybuilders are of the appealing cocky kind when on camera and on stage. Both make display of brutal masculinity in a way that I find very attractive.

    Ben Pakulski tends to display his mass and masculinity in a mix of manly and sexy softeness and brutal display of mass and power.

    Robert Burneika is a bit less artistic on stage, he is more like an alpha male who makes full display of mass and power, kind of like saying, "look at this. This is all power and strength". He actually seems to enjoy the most muscular pose above all the other poses. I like his excessive display of virility. Besides, have you people seen the size of what's inside his posing trunnks?! :P


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