Monday, 9 June 2014


Two of the best amateur bodybuilders in Europe competed at the Olympia Amateur in Prague this weekend! Czech muscle cutie Milan Sadek won the up to 100kg (heavyweight) category. Blowing away the competition with his huge, thick, bulging slabs of beef, all carved, striated and shredded to FUCK (the detail in his quads is especially crazy), Milan competed in his best condition yet!

In the over 100kg (super heavyweight) category, German beef hottie Roman Fritz fought off competition from Croatian muscle bull Petar Klancir, who wowed in sheer size, but couldn't match Roman's mind blowing condition! Shredded to fuck, and as dry as they come, Roman's conditioning was just crazy! Paper thin skin (barely) encasing granite hard slabs of beef, each one carved to perfection and plastered in alien like striations and freak show worthy veins! The two lads then battled it out for the overall title, which was awarded (along with a pro card) to Roman!

I'll be doing new posts on both these guys soon, but for now, some shots of these two muscle buds at one of the biggest amateur shows in Europe, showing the world what insanely shredded, incredibly hot, barely human muscle freaks they are!





  1. I like to see where that hand went in #9? The thing dreams are made of.

  2. OMFG Addict, Roman always the ultimate muscle dream, but Milan has become one of the most incredible young, gorgeous muscled studs in Europe. Check out his post contest interview at Team Andro, at the end up close and clear shots of this dream posing. WOOF!!!!!!

  3. The Roman/Milan encounter is the stuff of muscle-loving fantasy come true! The only thing hotter would if David Hoffman joined them in a three-flex-off!

  4. This picture
    holy moly, he's so sexy here
    Fritz looks so sexy in this pic, all that was missing was see through posers. Totally hardcore, brutal and sexy as fuck!!

    Sadek has improved loads, sharper, harder edged than before, even his haircut is crisp. He ditched (to use your words) "chipmunk" cheeks. I think he looks a lot better when compared to last year.


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