Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Here are a few reasons to love the tiny blue posing trunks off Polish bodybuilder and recent IFBB European Championships winner Szymon Lada...

- The cute/goofy/adorable looks!

- The mass of awesomely pumped, brilliantly carved, beautifully shredded muscle which makes up Szymon's incredible physique!

- The six gorgeous looking blocks of abdominal muscle popping through Szymons's zero body fat tummy, making up his hot as fuck little six pack!

- The thick, corded, vein splattered quads Szymon loves to twist, tense and flex to brilliant effect when cranking out those awesome abs & thighs poses!

- Those THICK as shit, striated to buggery GLOOTZ, beautifully showcased here in the stage shots of Szymon hitting those rear poses! Was his ass always this deliciously big and freakishly ripped?? FUCK!!

- The fact that his (fucking CUTE) normal sized head does NOT match that BRUTAL sized, beef packed, freaky as fuck body!!

- The adorably cheeky and occasionally cocky/down right NASTY tude Szymon often displays when he's on stage cranking out his poses, scrunching up his face like a cheeky monkey, sticking out his tongue like a naughty bugger and opening his mouth wide like "ARRRGGHH" as he blasts those looooow down most musculars like a cocky bleedin' fucker!!

Click here for my original Szymon post featuring more pics of the ripped up Polish cutie!


  1. Szymon Lada is a TOTAL HOTTIE!!!!! Wow. Just DAMN!!!! He's got it ALL. Perfect.

  2. what a pair of glutes! Addict could we have a pecs post-- I don't think you have done one before--and you know what we say "pec day is the best day"

  3. My idea of a STRONG contender for the GLUTES of the year list for 2014. Hint! Hint!

  4. MA
    It was you who introduced me to him, you didn't know his name at the time. But we got there.
    He's good, and has improved.
    His normal sized
    He looks very intellectual, but the body is extraordinary. A credit to his program.


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