Saturday, 28 June 2014


A few months ago I posted the first in a new series of posts called "Muscle Wars" seeing two bodybuilders going head to head for your votes, with the winning guy receiving his own blog post! Now it's time for round two!! Last time two European bodybuilders went into battle, with Italian bodybuilder Mirco Caselli (just) out-muscling Dutch hottie Jonathan Later. This round sees two young ripped up muscle cuties from different corners of the globe fighting for the win. It's fairly well known Canadian beef hottie Dana Baker V fairly little known muscle cutie Vladimir Iacovlev from Moldova in East Europe!

It's brunette V blonde! It's cute, cocky and scrunchy V cheeky, lovely and pretty! It's tight, ripped and beefy V hard, dry, and shredded! Below is the poll, along with some pics of these two muscle cuties to help you chose! The winning guy will be featured in his own post soon!



Which one of these lads do you want to see on the blog??


  1. Vlad really does it for me. So furiously cute!

  2. All I have to here is young, gorgeous, ripped, muscled, BLOND STALLION and my vote is already getting hard. WOOF!!!!!!WOOF!!!!!! VLAD.

  3. Seems to be a lot love for the insanely cute pint sized muscle pixie that is Vladimir with these comments!! I won't say whether he's in the lead at this point but I will say the voting is extremely close!

  4. The poll is closed, but for me it is Dana all the way.
    Monstrous traps, solid legs, shouts power, a pure bull.
    One suggestion if I may, to compare bodybuilders, it would be better if they were hitting the same poses, then the comparison is easier, rather than compare different poses.


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