Wednesday, 4 June 2014


In my last post I gave you guys a chance to chose what you wanted to see next on the blog by publishing a poll with some choices of potential posts! Most of the post ideas received a fair amount of votes, but in the lead, with 25% of the votes was a pic collection featuring some of the biggest, hottest, freakiest and most insanely shredded muscle monsters in bodybuilding from the Middle East!!

Here are some of the bodybuilders featured in this post...Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay, Sami Al Haddad, Baitollah Abbaspour, Mohamed Salama, Tarek Elsetouhi, Ahmad Ashknani, Ahmed Wardany, Osama Ashour, Kamal Elgargni, Mohamed Embaby, Essa Obaid, Amit Sapir, Ibrahim Samy, Khalid Almohsinawi, Taiser Al Khalfan, Mohamad "Moe" Bannout, Sina Hormozi, Anwar El Sayed, Ahmad Ahmad, Ahmed Haidar, Majid Jameh Bozorg and Mohammed Touri.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll & voted. I'll no doubt be posting some of the other more popular choices at some point!


  1. I don't understand the culture...women must be covered head to foot, yet men can display their outstanding physiques in the berifest of women attend competitions? Are there bodybuilding competitions in Muslim countries...need to learn more. Thanks Addict for this and all the other great the posers by color, can't stop viewing it.

  2. Wow OMFG MA! Have just looked at your posts after a week away and thanks to the way this vote went have just blasted off a load of the white stuff. Funnily enough, the photo I spunked over was not one of the usual muscle daddies which I'm a massive fan of but (if I've got my counting correct this early) number 34 from the bottom. One showing two gorgeous deep metallic tanned guys (with a fan in a pink shirt). Just loved the way their untanned heads look as though they've been stuck onto their huge fuck off bods!!! Wouldn't it be great if this could happen in reality and one could experience the feeling of being a prize specimen of bullhood and no doubt be worshipped by mere that would make me spunk! Great post MA.


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