Thursday, 1 May 2014


OK muscle addicts, time for another (fairly monster sized) pic collection of jacked up muscle freaks and roided out beef monsters! These collections are usually compiled of all the best pictures I've found over the past month or so. However, I've come across so many incredibly hot pics lately I may have to do another collection in a few weeks!

Some personal favourites from this set…

The first pic of American muscle freak Aaron Clark's roided to buggery, alien-like, freaky as fuck torso! How fucking PUMPED and carved out does one lad wanna be?! Seriously fucking incredible! Those biceps don't look like they could balloon any bigger! The mammoth sized pecs just fucking hang off his chest, and that mad midsection is made up of Aaron's big, thick, wavy lined ab blocks just popping through the skin. Love those crazy hot cum gutters too leading down to the waistline of his boxers/jeans!

The incredibly hot and beautifully shot second picture of Canadian muscle hottie Antoine Vaillant flexing a double bicep in his red shorts and sandals! There's something a little artistic about this shot, with the mirrors behind Antoine showing multiple versions of his amazing torso from different sides, and with the multiple use of the colour red, which is more than likely a complete coincidence! It's the subject matter that really makes this picture special though. In what is hands down the best Antoine pic to emerge this year (he's set to hit the stage at the New York pro in a few weeks), his physique just looks incredible! Nicely carved and ripped all over, with a very light dusting of fur, looking at Antoine's incredible body here, it's not hard to see why he has so many fans!

The fifth amazing photo shoot pic of Mark Dugdale! Any regular readers of the blog will tell you just how much I LOVE this woofy American muscle bull, and this pic beautifully demonstrates why! With those perfect teeth, gorgeous smile and twinkly eyes, Mark is just so fucking handsome it practically hurts to look at him! The almost bald head, gruffy facial fuzz and general bordering-on-muscle-daddy-if-not-already-there ruggedness give Mr Dugdale an even sexier edge! And then there's the bod! That pumped to fuck, crazy huge, ripped to bits bod! Whether rocking alien like competition condition rips and cuts, or blown of mounds of off season man meat, the sight of Mark's physique is always a more than pleasurable one to behold!

The rear shot of 25 year old American muscle beast Justin Compton, on stage at last month's Pro Europa in Orlando, which he won, qualifying him for this year's Mr O, blasting out an awesome back lat spread. His back looks thick as shit, and his triceps are just fucking ridiculous, but it's that jaw dropping, hot as fuck, freaky looking ass that really grabs my attention here! Justin just has the cutest and most distinct looking pair of glutes. Big and thick and decorated with a dozen ripples and striations, which help make it almost impossible not to identify them as being his! I also love how his shiny purple (nice colour choice mate) posers ride up on the right cheek, beautifully showing off that freaky ass meat. It seems to be a recurring problem for Mr. Compton. I suppose when you have an ass that big and meaty, you have to expect a little wardrobe malfunction every now and then!

And a quick mention to a few others…the awesome pic of the insanely handsome dude in the bonkers and down right genius "GOT ABS?" vest…the gorgeous Middle Eastern dude blowing up a front double bicep in his briefs, pumped and carved to within an inch of his life and plastered in the hottest, nastiest veins...the ridiculously handsome dude with the beard and specs showing off his hard, tight, shredded muscle in his purple posers (is this the world's first hipster bodybuilder?!)…the young cutester in the shot after him cranking out a most muscular on stage, sporting a body so fucking cut and shredded you wonder if it's painful for the poor lad…and finally, the beautiful black and white shot of the two Russian monsters both cranking out massive abs and thighs on stage, quads huge and shredded to Betsy, abs hard, tight and just plain freaky as fuck, both lads sporting the most outrageously cheeky and awesome scrunchy facial expressions, looking so in sync in their sheer pleasure and enjoyment as they scrunch, strain and squeeze those ab blocks you wonder if they got together and pre-planned and practised their facial expressions before hand!

Enjoy fellow junkies, and look out for that other aforementioned, and hopefully, similarly hot collection soon!

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  1. Who is the guy in the photo 22nd down?

  2. SOme thoughts...

    God in heaven you have good taste in muscle, Addict!
    Justin Compton has become a certified Muscle Bull. That body of his must demand constant attention.
    Aaron Clark is insane. A muscle blow-up doll!
    Branch W and Mark D need to have an IFBB Daddy-Off. Winner gets to take the Loser anyway he wants...


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