Saturday, 17 May 2014


Last weekend saw some of the biggest, hardest and driest amateur muscle freaks in Germany hit the stage at the Deutsche Meisterschaft (aka German Championships), the biggest national amateur German show of the year, last year won by German boy God Roman Fritz!

Ridiculously gorgeous lads showed off their insanely shredded muscle, uber-butch bald fuckers flexed their balloons of thick, pumped man beef, big, butch, dry as fuck daddies cranked out their outrageously cocky poses, and indecently cute, ripped to FUCK juniors ripped up the stage in their brightly coloured, tiny shiny posing trunks!

This post aims to feature some of the best pics and stand out bodybuilders from the contest, some who have featured on the blog previously, and others who I'd never even heard of before this incredible show took place!

First up is the winner of the over 100kg category, and the overall winner of the show, DAVID HOFFMANN, who I've previously featured on a couple of posts, and who's physique has always impressed me, but none more so than in this show!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!! Mr. Hoffmann has never looked harder, drier and more fucking shredded than he does here! Just one question David, what exactly *did* your body fat do to piss you off so much?! Just *try* and fucking pinch that drum tight skin covering David's hard, dry, grainy midsection. YOU. WILL. FAIL!! MISERABLY!! As well as rocking up to the show in his craziest condition yet, Hoffmann was also sporting some seriously fucking sexy facial fuzz (an additional bonus to his incredibly hot and handsome as FUCK looks) which is just doing all kinds of funny things to me. As is the awesome/superior/slightly cocky tude David's adopts here as he flexes it up in his little red trunkies. Love love LOVE the pics where he's really getting scrunchy into the camera (eeeeeeee fucking scrunch it) and just cranking out his poses like MAD. He's clearly just fucking loving being a flat out freaky, roided up muscle God, and he definitely knows he's the best dude in the show. It's written all over his undoubtedly sexy, brilliantly scrunchy, newly fuzzy face!!

The overall winner of the juniors category was a guy I only discovered about a month ago, and who I featured in my last "Young Muscle" post (and proved quite popular with you guys)! There are exactly two words that come to mind every single time I think of 23 year old THILO KLEIN. FUCKING! GORGEOUS! Not content with giving us one insanely handsome, ridiculously gorgeous young muscle stud in the form of Roman Fritz (MINI WOOF), Germany goes and offers us another in the form of Thilo! The dude is just too handsome for words. And if that wasn't enough, he also happens to be a mass of wickedly pumped, brilliantly carved, beautifully shredded muscle mass he clearly just LOVES to flex, crank, strain and squeeze for any lucky fucker willing to witness. It will probably come as absolutely zero surprise that I fucking LOVE the shots here where he really cranks the tude up big time, scrunching up that gorgeous mush, cheekily bobbing out his tongue slightly and snapping open that mouth WIDE at the audience like "ROOOAAARR"! Cheeky bleedin' blighter!! More of THAT please in the future Mr Klein!!

Next up is the winner of the up to 90kg, and the only featured bodybuilder here to have previously earned his own post on the blog (link here)! The super butch, uber-bald, muscle BULL of a bodybuilder MANUEL BAUER, who also happens to be incredibly fucking sexy, and insanely fucking HOT, not just for his mega woofy looks, but for the indecently PUMPED balloon-esuqe mounds of man meat bulging and exploding off every fucking inch of his torso, which he *clearly* just fucking loves to tense, flex, blow up and bounce for anything and anyone willing to watch (ME ME ME)!!

Second place (losing out to Hoffmann) in the over 100kg category went to a bodybuilder who's fairly new to me (I featured an incredibly hot pic of him in my pic collection a few weeks back) in the name of OLIVER HORY! Oliver partly caught my attention for his nicely pumped, beautifully symmetrical, awesomely beefy physique (although I feel he looks a little better in the backstage pics here than he does on stage), but mostly for the fact that he happens to be absolutely FOOKING gorgeous!! I'm actually struggling a little to get over *just* how fucking sexy this lad is in the looks department! He's just an awesome combo of super macho, woofy bald (PHWOAR) butchness, and lovely eyed, gorgeous smiled (SWOON) prettiness, as well as having a bit of an awesome scruffy, hipster vibe going on. In other words...he's a sexy bleedin' bugger!!

Another lad in the juniors category who caught my eye was FILIP LIHL, not just for the slightly geeky (and adorable) looks, and cute bad boy mohawk, but for his hard, tight, shredded little bod, and in particular, that fucking BEAUTIFUL looking midsection! Just LOOK at the fucking state of those ABS!! FAAWWKK!! Hands down one of the prettiest, most aesthetic, and all round fucking gorgeous looking set of abs I've seen in a while. His whole midsection is just so tight, hard, and shredded to shitting FUCK! Body fat is clearly something Filip has absolutely NO fucking intention of owning (unlike beautifully shaped, thinly skinned stomach muscles which reduce grown professional men to a quivering MESS)!

And from a young, cute, tight bodied juniour, to a bald, uber-butch, dry as fuck muscle daddy, in the form of SANDY JOBS, the winner of the up to 80kg category. WOOF FOOKING WOOF!! If you like your muscle daddies rough, bald and butch as fucking fuck, slightly quirky looking but still damn sexy as hell, who sport rock hard, Sahara desert dry, seriously shredded (look at dem QUADS) muscle packed bods, and who clearly LOVE being on stage, flexing, posing and cranking it up in their little sweaty posers, while adopting a shit hot "FUCK YEAH" uber-arrogant tude, perfectly demonstrated by pulling all manner of awesomely scrunchy, brilliantly cocky facial expressions then I'd say there's a pretty good chance you'll like this guy!

And here's the rest of the best pics from the show, including some fucking AWESOME shots of the final posedown, where Hoffman, Manuel and the other class whiners jump into the audience (LOVE IT) to flex and crank and show off their mass of carved out, tan painted, posing trunk sporting mounds of man meat amongst mere mortals (hehe)!



And a few awesome backstage pics...

And lastly, a small poll where you can vote for your favourite featured bodybuilder from this post, and if one guys proves particularly popular I may consider giving him his own post on the blog!


  1. 2 "N"'s on Hoffmann

  2. Mr. Hoffmann is an amazing combo of aesthetics (hello, vacuum) and grrrrr daddy in the making. Potent combo!

  3. THILO !!!!!!!! OMFG beyond gorgeous, stunning, ripped, shredded, young muscled stud. I don't envy much except the guy in the shot rubbing Thilos abbs. Thilo is a young Fritz for sure. Great post Addict.

  4. Holy FUCK these guys are dry, unlike my undies now...especially that David Hoffman, FUCK where did those ab blocks of muscle coms from...and young Thilo is a fucking god of hard, ripped muscle that needs worshipping...

  5. Nice write up.
    You know with the German habit of an eye for detail and quality, the championships will always be good.
    Hoffman grew a lovely beard.
    Hory, is as you said very attractive, especially with the stubble.
    Bauer has the beef and shaved head.
    Klein, is so so gorgeous a beautiful face and body to match. Love his big legs.
    My favourite is Jobs, for all the reasons you gave, you have to see the vids of him on stage, he has loads of attitude and gives his all.


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