Wednesday, 7 May 2014


At the start of the year I revealed my goal to feature more unknown/lesser known bodybuilders on the blog! With posts on the likes of hotties such as Sina Hormozi, Janos Cshuai, Mohamed Embaby and Mirco Caselli I feel like I've more than achieved that. I've still been featuring the big name pro guys too, with posts on Aaron Clark, Brad Rowe and Branch Warren, but I feel like I've slightly neglected the pro mass monsters of the muscle world of late! Hopefully this post, and a few others I've got planned soon will rectify that and help balance things out a little!

And what better way to bring some insanely huge, out of this world, IFBB pro muscle mass back to the blog than with not one, but two American muscle beasts currently making their mark on the industry in a massive way! Both of these lads won their pro cards a few years back and have been slowly working their way up the pro ranks and are now getting some seriously impressive placings under their belts. I haven't featured either of these guys a huge amount on the blog before, but I really like them both! They've both been on my radar for a while and definitely caught my attention at various points over the years!

First up is 29 year old muscle bull Jon Delarosa, who got his pro card back in 2011. It's not just his uber-masculine and rather gorgeous looks (the gap in his front teeth is fucking adorable) that I like. I also happen to quite like that muscle packed, otherworldly bod, which seems to get bigger, freakier, and less human looking with every stage he steps on to! The quads are always insanely fucking shredded and feathered and those guns are just plain fucking HUGE!

And joining Jon is Juan Morel, who is nothing short of a fucking BEAST! Huge, hard, solid and shredded from head to fucking toe, pretty much everything about Juan's physique is impressive, but for me, nothing wows me more than this pumped up fucking pecs, which just look crazy awesome when popping and bulging out during his side chests. I also LOVE the way he cranks up the tude on stage (and seems to be getting cocky with each competition appearance), none more so than when he's slamming down those side tricep poses while arrogantly and aggressively snapping his mouth wide open, Phil Heath style!

Juan placed an impressive 2nd at last month's Arnold Classic Brazil, and Jon was just behind him in 3rd. Both lads are also rumoured to be hitting the stage in a few weeks at the New York Pro, where they'll no doubt win over the audience and muscle fans alike with their usual freaky size, incredible muscle and shredded mass, which they'll hopefully crank, flex and blow out while displaying that cheeky/charming (in Jon's case) and aggressively cocky (in Juan's case..WOOF) tude, and most probably win over the judges too and gain some more impressively high placings! The real question is though...which of these barely human American pro muscle monsters will hit the Olympia stage first??


  1. Addict baby-- you get a double WOOF from me on this post--hot ripped muscle definitely. Bald heads to pumped calves these men move mountains and cause zippers to slip.
    Juan Morel's glutes deserve my particular attention--made my woody rock. So thank you. You keep these post coming and I'll keep coming over your post

  2. Right on Anon, those glute shots are definitely rock oak WOOD material. About time for another GLUTE post Addict. Thanks.

  3. Jon and Juan need a sitcom. Just two pro bbers trying to making big -- well, BIGGER -- in the IFBB. Hijinks in gym, the posing studio, the pump room.

    Juan: Man, Jon, what did I tell you about leaving your oil-soaked posers around the apartment?

    Jon: No idea what you're talking about, bro.

    Juan: This is what I'm talking about!
    [Juan holds up lime green micro posers. Jon examines up close. Laughter]

    Jon: Oh yeah. Mike just texted me from the competition and said he couldn't find his trunks...

    Juan: Looks like he's going to have to compete naked. Again!


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