Sunday, 27 April 2014


After a brief, slightly controversial, and one-off foray into the world of non huge freaky muscle with my last post (although from the results of the included poll the majority of you liked it), I'm pleased to say normal, obscenely huge, inhumanely shredded, flat out freaky as fuck, shiny tiny posing trunk sporting service is resumed! And what better way to get back to it, than with a post featuring another round of ridiculously hot young bodybuilders/mini muscle monsters in the making!

My last "Young Muscle" post featured some of the biggest and best young current bodybuilders in Britain (click here for the link), while the one before featured a host of insanely hot teen/collegiate bodybuilders from the US (click here), including the first appearance of teen bodybuilding sensation Cody Montgomery who has since become a bit of a blog favourite! A few months ago I also published a post called "Three Aussie Muscle Cuties" featuring a trio of the best young bodybuilders from down under! Now it's time to dig out some of the hottest young muscle beasts currently pumping up in hardcore hell hole gyms and strutting their stuff on stage in indecently shiny posing trunks across Europe!

Let me start by saying there are a LOT of incredible young bodybuilders in Europe, so there were quite a few candidates for this collection (some of the lads who didn't make the final line up will be included in future posts!), and I changed my mind on the final three lads a number of times! I'm very happy with my final choice though and I'm pretty sure all of these lads will find themseleves some new fans after this post!

First up is possibly the most well known of the three lads, Nicolas Vuilloud, who's also been dubbed "Quadzila", who competed in the amateur division of last year's massive Arnold Classic Europe! As well as possessing a nicely pumped body, complete with impressively sized, beefy biceps, a hot little pair of striated glutes, a hard tight, cute as fuck looking midsection and as you probably guessed by the nickname, some nicely shredded, meaty quads, Nicolas also happens to be a bit of a cutie, especially when sporting that outrageously hot, blonde mohawk, and isn't adverse to showing the crowd some tude when he's on stage, especially when cranking out those abs & thighs shots, and crunching the fuck out of those tight, ripped up little ab blocks!


Next up is Jose Luis Parreño Martorell who I'm fairly confident in thinking is probably *the* cutest young bodybuilder in Spain right now (if anyone knows if any cuter please point me in the right direction)! This lad is just TOO fucking gorgeous for words! Is it too late to add Jose to my "Best Looking Bodybuilders" poll from a few weeks back? Yes?! Damn it! Hands down one of the cutest things I have ever seen in a pair of bright pink posers (whimpers)! Jose is not just a (very) pretty face though. He's also packing some top quality lean beef on his bones! Hard, tight, and ripped in all the right places, Jose's body isn't exactly hurting his case as one of the hottest young bodybuilders in Europe.


And lastly, a bodybuilder who I only very recently discovered, Thilo Klein from Germany! I used to think of Hungarian bodybuilders as the hottest, and most handsome in Europe, but with the likes of Thilo and Roman Fritz waddling around in nothing but their brightly coloured posers, I'm seriously starting to wonder whether the Germans actually hold that title! Much like Roman, Thilo is just ridiculously fucking gorgeous! And, again, much like Roman, throw in some insanely thick, hard, pumped to buggery, grade A quality fucking muscle mass and you have one young German bodybuilder who is just hot beyond words imaginable!



  1. YUM!!!!! Nicolas is so HOT with legs to dye for and the spiked mohawk on a young, gorgeous muscled stud is even hotter, but THILO is simply dropdead stunning, looks like a young Roman Fritz. Love the young muscle heartthrop posts and glad you're over you're relaspe into TWINKDOM. Keep the real meat CUMMING. Thanks, and a great post.

  2. THILO is very handsome and has a great body!!

  3. Triple YUM, addict. All three were new to me, and I'm so pleased to make all their acquaintances! Nicolas gets the 'tude and pouch awards in my book. Jose the face and totally hot tummy veins awards. And Thilo gets the barndoor wide and HOLY SHIT awards. See me personally, gentleman, to claim your prizes...


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