Saturday, 12 April 2014


In terms of what I place as important, and what does it for me in regards to bodybuilders, looks are quite often 3rd, behind body and attitude (most of my favourite bodybuilders tick the boxes in all of those areas)! So if a bodybuilder is really cute but the body isn't great, and the tude is lacking, I can be a little swooned, but if a bodybuilder isn't exactly the best looking guy on the planet, but the body is fucking insane, and the attitude is through the roof, then FUCK, I can be ruff-ruff-ruffing into my laptop in no time!

However, with that said, there are certain bodybuilders who I like, whether part way or otherwise, because they fit into what I'm attracted to looks wise, and at a wild guess, I would say that's probably the case for most of us!!

Originally I was going to do a "Top 10 Best Looking Guys In Bodybuilding" and chose the bodybuilders myself, but when I started thinking about the options and my choices, I was torn on whether to go with who *I* personally like, or who I think the masses would like, and those two list of names would probably be very different!

We all have certain looks/types that we like, whether we're suckers for adorably boyish, cutie patooties (ME ME ME), traditionally/classically handsome types, funny/quirky, maybe slightly geeky looking lads, ridiculously groomed, big haired pretty boy types, slightly rough, uber-macho, bald, tough looking fuckers (PHWOAR), or a bit of a combination of some of those(!) and every person's list of their "Top 10 Best Looking Bodybuilders" would no doubt be different, so I've decided to let YOU guys chose!!

So...who are the most adorably CUTE pattooties, most ridiculously handsome fuckers, most impossibly GORGEOUS lads, and most flat out SEXIEST looking fuckers in bodybuilding?! Have your say in the poll below and I'll be revealing the top 10 guys soon!

NOTE: I've tried to keep the choice of guys fairly relevant to current competitive bodybuilders, mostly included guys who have featured on the blog, tried to include a range of different types of guys, and I guess bodybuilders who I feel are most likely to receive votes! As it's such a subjective topic though, for the first time in one of my polls, I've allowed for voters to enter their own answer! As with all my previous polls, you can also vote for as many guys as you like!


  1. In my opinion, with the subject of the good looking, you should do 2 polls : one with fitness guys and the second with bodybuilder.

  2. Easy for me with the list you gave us because all the one's I picked are in their glorious, gorgeous, ripped, muscled, testos gorged TWENTIES. Always a sucking sucker for the young GODS. Always like your polls Addict.

  3. Addict-- How about Evan Centopani at the Arnold classic 2014 in his bright pink posers--I just want to put his muscled loins on my shoulders and...As for the best looking bodybuilder-- I'm like you it depends on the day.

  4. This poll was hard for me. There is a body type that I find particularly more attractive when it comes to bodybuilders and there were at least three guys with such body type.

    When are results going to come out?


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