Thursday, 17 April 2014


Last weekend I put a poll on the blog asking you guys who you thought the best looking/most ridiculously handsome/most impossibly cute/most down right bleedin' gorgeous guys in bodybuilding were! The number of votes cast on the poll was pretty crazy, and, as stated in my last post, it was definitely one of the most popular polls I've ever done on the blog!

Every single bodybuilder in the poll received at least 1 vote, and a fair few of you used the "other" option which allowed you to enter your own answer, which I included as it's such a subjective topic, and everyone has their own personal taste of what, and whom, they're attracted to! The bodybuilders who were used in this option, and weren't included in the original list of names, included Gary Bognar, Andrey Skoromnyy, Stan McQuay (agreed - GORGEOUS), Jiri Borkovec (HOW did I miss him from the list?), Tony Breznik (again, agreed- FOOKING gorgeous), Dan Decker, Big Ramy, and even Dennis Wolf.

As I revealed when I first published the poll, originally I was going to decide myself who was to be included in a "Top 10 Best Looking Bodybuilders" post, but was torn on whether to go for my own personal taste, who I thought the masses would like, or a bit of a crossover of both. Interestingly, about 7 or 8 of the guys who have made this top 10 list were bodybuilders who I had originally contemplated choosing myself and putting in that original list!

I've decided to split the list in two, with this first post revealing who made it into the numbers 10-6 spots, and the rest of the list being revealed in the next few days. So without further ado, the first batch of who you guys (who have AWESOME fucking taste by the way - hehe) have voted for as the best looking dudes in bodybuilding. Pant slurp swoon!!


Starting off the list is 26 year old American muscle boy Nick Trigili. With his All American, uber-handsome, down right gorgeous looks, the only surprise in regards to Nick's inclusion on the list is that he didn't place higher! I've always been a massive of his, but for me, he never looked hotter than when he stomped on stage a few years back having shaved his head in uber-macho, Alpha male fashion for the first time (woof woof). The insanely awesome, bad boy mohawk he then sported for another competition not long after was almost as equally fucking hot (pant pant)!


In 9th place, American teen bodybuilding champion Cody Montgomery. Not content with possessing a body about three times more muscular than your average 19 year old, and managing to get said body into the most otherworldly, rub those eyes as much as you like this IS actually happening right now SHRE-HE-DEDDD to within an inch of his teenage life, Cody also happens to be one of the most impossibly handsome, beyond adorable cutie pa-fuckin-tootie's to ever don a pair of posing trunks! I don't know about your average American high school but my local comprehensive did NOT have lads like Cody wandering round the halls!


I always seem to underestimate just how popular Hungarian muscle hottie Peter Molnar is. I didn't really anticipate Petey to get a spot in the top ten, which is crazy given how much I personally like him, and the fact that he is an adorable, not to mention fucking HOT combination of being painfully handsome, a little bit of a pretty boy, and a *teeny* bit goofy looking (again, adorable)! Hungarian bodybuilders always seem to be handsome, cute, or just plain fucking sexy. and Mr Molnar is definitely leading the pack in the looks stakes!


23 year old German muscle meathead Tim Budesheim's appearance on this list comes as zero fucking surprise to me! With those chiseled, boyish but masculine and fooking gorgeous smile, Tim is in another LEAGUE of good looking! So damn pretty it hurts, so bloody gorgeous it borders on comical, and so fucking handsome it should be illegal (just make sure to lock me up with him when he gets arrested)!


In 6th place, 28 year old American muscle monster Steve Kuclo! I have to admit, while I've always really like Kuclo, the huge, hard slabs of muscle meat which make up his incredible body have always wowed me a little more than his looks. In all honesty, Steve just isn't very "me" looks wise, but I'd have to be exceptionally bad sighted not to notice that with his All American, clean cut looks (you could introduce him to your folks as your new man and they *might* forgive the fact that he's a 260lb muscle freak on the bases that he's bloody gorgeous) complete with that lovely irresistible smile, he's ridiculously good looking and as handsome as he is monstrous!



  1. Ridiculously hot ! Tim budshein teasing us with his horny face and massive gold body
    do I have to choose just ONE? l want them all Lol
    great post muscleaddict

  2. So far, total CREAM GOD'S. Nick with the full beard in the green tank, how much hotter ya need than that. Cody, YOUNG muscled, stunning, rutt stallion. WOOF. Tim and Kevin LaGrutta, double your pleasure in the beyond handsome, blow your nuts, killer smile muscled stud devision and the always adorable, puppy, cheeky muscle tank Steve with a pair of the most magnificent calves next to BIG BEN who I hope gets high spot in the poll.

  3. omg! TIM BUDESHEIM and CODY MONTGOMERY are the most beautiful!! love blonds especially big bubble butted blonds like TIM BUDESHEIM

  4. Budesheim 23 years old? Really?
    I thought he was like 30. How did he mamage to build so much muscle for 23?
    Perhaps the extreme muscularity makes some of these guys look older because their masculine traits are overdeveloped, something that enhances their attractiveness, too.

    Looking 30 is no a bad thing though.

  5. I love your polls Addict, but as for this one there can't be a #1 because these five I've creamed myself senceless. Can't wait to see who we've voted as the ultimate gorgeous muscled male specimen, that I know I've dehydrated over.

  6. The most ridiculously handsome in my opnion is Nick a sex muscled male bull! Cody is a horny baby face
    I want to see Daniel Toth and the black bull Eddy Wilson at the next list

  7. Great post Addict they are all "doable" and who wouldn't do them--handsome muscle is very seductive.
    Lukas Osladil, Brad Rowe, Peter Molnar, Steve Orton, Martin Kellstrom, Troy Alves, Jonathan Casimir, Emiliano Dell'umo, Ramy Elssbiay, Paulo Lima, Kai Green, Attia Shaalan, Ivan Sadek and of course Jake Nikolopulous who gets cheekier with every contest. So thanks for letting me get this off my chest with a man who understands and shares my addiction.


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