Monday, 7 April 2014


When I did my "10 Insanely Hot Pairs of Posing Trunks" post a few months ago, I stated in the comments section that I was planning to do more posing trunk posts, which sparked one "Anonymous" poster to publish the following comment:

"lets have a greasy tan / oil stained posers post. all those eastern europeans that over tan and over oil and it rubs off onto their sticky know exactly what i'm talking about! mucky little muscle pups!! GRRRRRRRRR!!"

The initial reaction in my head to which went something like this; "FUCKING FUCK YES"!! What a bloody awesome, and pretty fucking bonkers (in the very best way possible) idea for a post! I have no idea why but I fucking LOVE seeing shredded up muscle bulls, and competition conditioned muscle freaks who have caked on so much fucking thick, dark, greasy tan that they get it aaalll over their trunkies. As the above commentator brilliantly said, the mucky little muscle pups!!

The biggest offenders of messy, mucky, tan and oil drenched posers are without a doubt those insanely shredded Middle Eastern muscle boys, and ridiculously hot East European beef monkeys, which is no surprise in either case given their reputations for going over the top with the tan and fucking caking themselves in the shiny stuff!

I'm really curious as to what the reaction, if any, will be to this post and whether people will comment or like it, as I suspect this is maybe one of those quirky, slightly unusual things that some muscle addicts "get" and love (at least two anyway - hehe), but others don't really understand the appeal!

If you missed my first posing trunk pic collection which was dedicated to those outrageous muscle freaks who sport bright bleedin' PINK posing trunks (PHWOAR) click here!

And finally, a huge thanks to the aforementioned poster who published the above comment and gave me the mad/brilliant idea for the post! Definitely a man after my own heart, and I hope this post of mucky tan stained posing trunk sporting fuckers doesn't disappoint! Slurp FOOKING slurp!!

Links to my previous posing trunk posts:




  1. OMFG!!!!! I love this post. Maybe I'm nuts, because I'm a neat person, but this is so fucking hot. I totally get hard at a contest watching a young muscled mucky pup flex and sweat and the pro tan and oil is running down and soaking what used to be bright yellow posers and backstage some lucky bastard is trying to rerub the sweaty gunk to make the young muscled stud more shiny before he goes back onstage. Total animal muscle. The first pic of God PETER. Who wouldn't love rubbing the slippery gunk against Peters, peter holder. WOW, more posts like this is fucking HOT. Thanks

  2. FUCK YEA!!!! Oily, sweaty, greasey, soaked muscled posers. I'd wear em as a face mask, breathing nothing but that muscled musk scent till I SHOOT. Great post.

  3. Hellz yes, addict! Great post! Maybe it's a niche topic, but I don't freakin' care! I love the idea of these guys making a total mess of their custom-cut posers, sweating their asses off on-stage, winning trophies, and then heading back to their rooms to PEEL the sopping mess of oil, tan, funk, and lil' spunk off their exhausted bodies. DAMN!

  4. Yes, love the sweat pouring off them as they pose, as the first anonymous says, when the sweat and grease run down and stain their trunks. Or when the sweat gathers around their ass cheeks, and the posers stick to their muscled but even more. Another great stain is when the thighs are well and truly massive that they do rub against the posers (maybe due to a thigh shake or soemthing). Sweat, grease, snarl, grimace flex - freaking hot.
    If they choose to get boned and leak and stain their briefs, that would be icing on the cake.

  5. Fantastic post! I'm creamin. Nothing gets me going like these glistening, sweaty
    slabs of beef in brief posers! Let's have more shiny,heavily oiled super muscled bods
    flaunting their incredible cuts.What a rush!

  6. MORE PLEASE!!!!! Totally creaming material, especially when the judges keep calling back the star muscled stud that's totally drenched in sweat, oil and tanning lotion, his posers now are so soaked, can't even tell what color they were and they keep making him grind out more poses. Now it's time to take the gorgeous animal back to the stable for a full RUBDOWN. Half to stop, gone total muscle nuts. Great fucking post addict.

  7. Love how black posers tend to become deliciously bronzed, the dirtier they become. Whew!

  8. hey....'anonymous' here.
    OH - MY - GOOD - F*CKING - GOD!
    now that was everything i was talking about.'re somewhat of a legend!!
    this hit so many spots,,,perfection mate.
    and the reaction? awesome....lovin' how we can't control ourselves

  9. These Guys are over the top. From the amount or juice they are using, to the size of their muscles to the amount of tanning oil they use. Fucking Hot Over The Top is the only way to go!


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