Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Thanks to everyone who voted in my "Best Looking Guys in Bodybuilding" poll! The number of votes received was pretty crazy, and it's definitely one of the most popular polls I've ever put on the blog! The poll is now closed and I'll be counting the votes, and then revealing the top 10 placed bodybuilders soon.

Before I do that, and to give you guys something new in the meantime, I've decided to publish a preview of a new story I'm currently working on! I won't reveal the title of the story just yet, but it's the first thing I've ever written which is told from the point of view of a bodybuilder. A 220lbs, flat out freak of a pro bodybuilder to be exact! The angle I'm going for is, what if a pro bodybuilder wrote a sort of mini autobiography and invited the viewer into the mind of one of the biggest and freakiest muscle monsters on the planet, revealing what it's like to stand on stage, with the biggest and most monstrous muscle men in the world and flex and squeeze for an adoring audience, what it's like to go from being a skinny teenager to being one of the world's top bodybuilders, and basically live every day as a superhuman muscle freak!

I'm not expecting a massive reaction from this, it's really just to give you a preview of what I'm working on, and to give you something to read while I put together my "Best Looking Bodybuilders" post, but obviously, any thoughts/feedback will, as ever, be very welcome!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional bodybuilder? To live every single day of your life as a monstrously huge 220 lbs muscle man with biceps bigger than the average mans head? To walk down the street and have everyone stop, stare and shriek at your excessive size and freaky appearance? Have you ever imagined what goes though the mind of a bodybuilder when he’s standing on stage in front of an adoring audience, in nothing but a pair of skimpy posing trunks, plastered from head to toe in competition tan, every single inch of his body huge and pumped and exploding with ripped, carved out, superhuman muscle, hitting pose after pose after pose, making his enormous muscles expand, flex, twitch, dance and blow up to a thousand screams of approval?

My name is James “The Freak” Lee, I’m a 30 year old, professional IFBB, British born bodybuilder, and this is a no holds barred, completely honest, sometimes shocking reveal of exactly what it’s like inside the mind of a man who has taken his body to the absolute muscle extreme and has transformed himself into nothing short of a muscle freak. A genuine, flat out, hardcore, ripped to the Heavens, shredded to the nth degree, excessively muscular, inhumanely monstrous, superhuman sized, God-like muscle freak.

This is my revealing journey from the skinny teenager, who used to sneak into his older brother’s bedroom when he was home alone to use his dumbbells because he was too embarrassed to let anyone know he secretly wanted to be muscular, to one of the biggest and most monstrous muscle men on the planet, who causes gasps, shrieks and cheers of applause just from simply standing on a stage, naked except for a small, shiny, brightly coloured posing pouch.

From my first, humble experiences of muscle growth and the reactions I received from other people who were shocked and impressed by my growth, to possessing twenty inch biceps and thighs so big that I have to buy my pants from specialist stores and clothing companies and being unable to walk to the grocery store without having people literally stop to stare at me.

From being scared and intimidated to talk to bodybuilders at the gym, who had competed in a couple of local amateur competitions, to forming friendships with some of the biggest and most well respected bodybuilders in the world.

From the first time I nervously stepped on to a bodybuilding stage, wearing nothing but baggy posing trunks, and a facial expression which resembled a rabbit in a headlight, to stomping and strutting around stages at some of the biggest bodybuilding competitions in the world, in trunks which completely failed to cover up the outrageously huge, hard, muscular buttocks and had no choice but to reside in my crack, flexing my incredible, otherworldly muscle mass while contorting my face into the most outrageously arrogant expressions imaginable.

Before I start, I should describe what I currently look like. I’m 5”9 and 220 pounds of densely thick, incredibly pumped, freakishly carved out, testosterone pumped, otherworldly, monstrously massive muscle, and not a lot else.

My bull like traps are so big and pumped it’s a miracle I haven’t gone deaf. Every time I crank out one of my insane muscle popping crab most muscular poses, the half watermelon-like muscles resting either side of my neck explode up to my earlobes like they’re trying to rip clean through my freakishly thin, tan painted skin.

My insanely monstrous boulder delts look like they’d destroy any door frame I came into contact with. My skin is wrapped so tight around those hard dense shoulder muscles I fear one day I’ll flex too hard and it will rip. And each of my grapefruit sized Deltoids of Death are decorated with the craziest, freakiest striations. When I’m competition conditioned, I don’t even have to be flexing; I look down and the striations are just there, making me look like I’m some kind of overly muscular, lab mutated freak of nature straight out of a superhero film.

My pecs look like two insanely thick, full to burst balloons of flesh and beef exploding off my chest. They’re so dense and juicy they literally look like they are in battle with each other for space on my torso. They twitch, and jump, and dance and wriggle at the slightest of movements, like they have a mind of their own, and both pecs are separated by a groove so deep one could lose all ten fingers in there for a week.

Each of my two biceps look like softballs, which have been surgically implanted underneath my paper thin skin. When I bring my arms up and flex out a front double bicep pose, every audience of every show I compete in erupts in loud applause, cheers, and gasps. Each bicep has a freaky, snake like vein running down it, and to compliment my rock hard, marble to the touch guns, are my flat out freaky looking, horseshoe triceps, which erupt in lines when tensed to maximum effort, to match the crazy striations in my shoulders.

And the full first part of the story will hopefully be finished, and published soon!


  1. Hey man,

    This is an AWESOME story, and an amazing blog. I'm trying to get into writing erotic muscle fiction, too--I've got a little bit posted on my tumblr, if you wanna check it out. Hope to hear from you!

  2. Thanks for the kind words mate, and glad you liked the story! Would love to have a read of yours, what's the name of your tumblr?

  3. Question, will James be naturally hairy dude, or smooth? (Hairy would be nice to see how he likes being shaved or waxed?) Will he be bald or have a full head of hair? Will he have an earring, or a tattoo or both?
    Will have specially cut posers to show of his ""jewels"? Will he be straight, bisexual, gay or asexual? Does he have a team, are they loyal? Do they have obvious admiration for him, or do they secretly lust after him behind closed doors in the privacy of their homes?

    I guess we'll just have to wait to see what you choose to use (if any).

    Looking forward to it.


  4. Definitely MORE, please! I want to hear about his transformation!

  5. more story pleeeease.


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