Saturday, 5 April 2014


Time for the first in a new series of posts, each one featuring two bodybuilders going head to head for your votes, with only the winning bodybuilder getting his own post on the blog! First up are two relatively little known but incredibly hot European muscle lads who both competed in the Arnold Amateur last month. It's Italian muscle freak Mirco Caselli V Dutch beef hottie Jonathan Later!

It's Italy V Holland! It's sexy, rough and butch V gorgeous, pretty and macho! It's hard, dry and veiny V huge, pumped and smooth! Below is the poll, and some pics of these two amazingly hot muscle freaks. The winning guy will receive his own post on the blog next week!



Which bodybuilder gets *your* vote?!


  1. Caselli is OH SOOOO HOTTTTT!!!!! So masculine. He's AMAZING!!!!

  2. Oh yeah love the idea for this series mate!! Muscle Wars...ding ding ding let's get ready to rumble! And what a tremendous first one corner, the shredded-up, beef jerky-dry, just flat-out fucking HOT Mirco Caselli...and in the other corner, the pumped up, marble-hard alpha fittie Jonathan Later (more like Jonathan NOW, if you ask me). I won't share who I voted for, to avoid any swinging of the votes, but I bet you can guess, MA ;)

    1. Ooooh that's a tough one matie! OK so we've got naughty Mirco no doubt making you late for work in the morning with his mountain of insanely carved, dry as crackers, thinly skinned man meat, complete with nicely shredded, slightly bonkers shaped abber dabbers, and outrageously nasty veins zig zagging down his delts and biceps, and then we've got cheeky Jonathan no doubt keeping you up waaaay past your bedtime with his crazily pumped, marble-to-the-touch biceps, awesome slab-like pecs, and of course those gorgeous, fit as fuckity fuck looks, but which lad gets you into the most trouble with your boss?! Who knows!! (FYI I, of course, know and it's actually not a tough one at all..hehe)! ;)


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