Thursday, 24 April 2014


WARNING #1: This post contains no outrageously huge, obscenely pumped biceps, no deeply carved, ripped to shreds, thinly skinned ab blocks, no monstrously thick, vein splattered tree trunk quads, no freakishly shredded, striation plastered glutes, and absolutely NO pairs of ridiculously shiny, brightly coloured posing trunks!

WARNING #2: You may hate this post with a passion!

Since setting up the blog three years ago, I've never had an idea for a post and then had doubts about whether or not I should publish it…until now! Before anyone starts to wonder whether I've taken a nasty bump to the head, or actually gone clinically insane, let me just clarify what you will have all no doubt already gathered. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING turns me on more the sight of freakishly muscular, inhumanely shredded muscle bulls, posing, flexing, squeezing and straining in nothing but tiny shiny posing trunks! *However*, if I didn't find regular guys/non muscle freaks of nature attractive I'd be pretty fucking buggered! I also like to mix things up, surprise you guys, and publish posts that are different/quirky! Plus a little controversy never hurt anyone! So, as a complete change of pace, something totally different, and a definite one off/never to be seen on this blog again, a post of some of the cutest/fittest/hottest/sexiest (in my opinion anyway) non bodybuilders/muscle freaks in the media (celebrities/actors/rugby players (PHWOAR) etc)! And just as a pre-warning, there will be no Benedict Cumberbatch (sex appeal of a teaspoon), no Henry Cavill (meh, just...meh), and absolutely NO Justin Bieber (clearly has a vagina).

You may think this is the worst post ever to appear on any muscle blog ever, think I've lost the bleedin' plot, turn your nose up, or throw your laptop out of the window in disgust, be completely indifferent and have no opinion whatsoever, or, who knows, you may actually quite like the idea of this post, the post itself and some of the hotties included in it!!


  1. Okay Addict- fine I love you anyway despite this passing quirk- but don't let it happen again- at least not more than once a year-- about February 29th at 4 am. Channing Tatum is on every other gaycentric blog and I don't get the attraction- the body is not all that and the fact that he is everywhere is overkill and let's not forget he is a proud breeder therefore a total waste of a fantasy for our team. On with the huge roided big freaky BODYBUILDERS WE LOVE AND LUST FOR. If you want to show your versatility why not post Musclemania hunks-or those natural bodybuilders who might actually play on our team. I mean this post was like coming up from deep sea diving too quickly and not having time to decompress after swimming in your waters of beautiful freaky big muscle MEN that you have been guiding us to albeit slightly euro centric when there is so much Latin American, Asian, African and American Muscle meat to savor --but it's your blog and I love you for it--so don't stop - don't ever stop just lubricate your tasty asshole a little bit. Thanks

  2. Anon summed it up Addict, yes we all love you for what we've CUM to know you for so please don't turn on us now with another blog of TWINKS. As always you're the best but this is really a shot to the bow after ten of the most magnificent muscled specimens on earth. Thanks.

  3. I'm with the first 2. PLEASE don't do this again. The regular guys, although cute, do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me. I like the GODS that you normally post. You know, the guys who could drop kick these twinks into OUTER SPACE. If you're going to post pics of twinks, you might as well post pics of kittens. I kept looking at the pictures and felt my blood pressure quickly dropping. Okay, enough said. I'm glad you got that out of your system. Oh yeah, and we love you addict!

  4. OK Addict, you know we all love you, but did you go to bed and have a wet TWINK dream. It's MUSCLE, it's sweaty, pumped, oiled, stained buldging tiny posers, etc. Hope your dream was a onetime nightmare. Thanks and we still love you.

  5. Thanks for the feedback lads, I always knew this wasn't going to be to everyone's taste, hence my text and the poll! Just want to pick up on a few points...

    - Interesting comment about the blog being "slightly euro centric". I do feature a lot of European guys but I do try and make an effort to mix it up a little (with that said I have some incredibly fucking HOT European lads lined up to feature on the blog)!

    - Completely guilty of featuring a lack of Asian, African and Latin American bodybuilders, although perhaps less so with the latter, and it's something I've spoken about before on the blog. It's partly down to personal taste, but also a lack of exposure and awareness on my behalf of African and Asian bodybuilders! They just don't seem to get the kind of coverage that American, European and Middle Eastern guys get. If someone can point me in the right direction or offer up some names (the likes of Hideta and Stan McQuay excluded obviously) that would be great.

    - Not sure I can be accused of a lack of American bodybuilders on the blog, as I probably feature more American muscle freaks than any other nation of bodybuilders!

    - Definitely not adverse to featuring natural bodybuilders, and Musclemania competitors, but don't think I would do a whole post of him, same goes for physique competitors and fitness models who crop up every now and then in my pic collections.

    - There *are* a couple of young guys in the post but I feel the "twink" (never liked that word) tag is a little unfair, as most of the lads in the post are at least late twenties plus!

    - Definitely not planning a post compiled of pictures of kittens (no matter how much I I love cats)! ;)

    - This is definitely a one off post! Normal huge, ripped, freaky, shiny tiny posing trunk sporting service will resume shortly!

    And on a final note, despite the obvious (totally expected and understandable) dislike from some, (interestingly and somewhat unexpectedly), according to the poll results, the majority of you do like this post!!

  6. MA
    (Personally, I think Benedict looks very very virile.)

    I liked the post, as an occasional foray it's fine, as long as you stay true to the "beef" it's all good.

    Makes you wonder at how many men could be so attractive, it's shocking and heart-warming at the same time.

    I liked these pics most:
    This guy:
    Bearded guy

    I really liked the pictures of the All Blacks (the Kiwi national rugby team). They are so hot. Probably developing a taste for Kiwi muscle what with Mike Debenham and the ox Steve Orton

    Kiwi cool

    I do find big ears attractive (just like prominent chins), it seems very male to me. So this guy qualifies.

    An attractive man



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