Tuesday, 25 March 2014


I haven't featured many Italian bodybuilders on the blog, in fact I've only ever dedicated a post to one Italian bodybuilder, in the form of that little bald, butch looking pocket rocket of inhumanely shredded beef, and professional face scruncher (gotta love the scrunchiness) Emiliano Dell'Uomo. Now I can add a second name to that list, in the form of recent Arnold Classic amateur competitor Paolo Fontana.

Paolo's been on my radar for a while now. Take one look at that bod and it probably won't take you long to figure out why! FUCK! Just...FUCK!! That beef is just nothing short of incredible. Blown up balloons of outrageously thick, pumped to the max muscle bursting and exploding under inhumanely tight, thin skin (that has GOT to hurt). That upper bod seriously doesn't look like it could get any more fucking PUMPED! The delts are huge, the arms are bonkers, and look at those fucking pecs!! Two cushions of insanely dense pec meat bulging off his chest. And check out all those fucking striations emerging from the canyon separating those chest puppies! FAAAWKK!!

And while the upper body definitely dominates, the rest of that beef packed frame is nothing to scoff at either. A tight, carved out midsection, an impressively thick back, some modestly sized, striation peeking glutes and a pair of ripped meaty quads help to make up Paolo's barely human physique! NOTE: You gotta LOVE those BONKERS shots where his torso is painted as an anatomy chart!

And to compliment that incredible mass of muscle are Paolo's uber butch, super sexy, handsome as fuck looks (loving the shots of him with the woffy facial fuzz), and while he might not be the most all out cocky poser, he does love to get a bit scrunchy and display an awesomely cheeky tude when he's cranking all that insanely thick man meat in some of the stage pics here!



  1. Damn, he shreds up real nicely...

  2. He seems short but looks massive. Even his face is quite muscular.

  3. OH YEAH!!! Damn, Paolo is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Fooking GORGEOUS (especially when sporting that woofy beard), and he always looks so FULL and PUMPED at all times. He may not be the most shreeeeddeddddd guy of all time but fuck if he doesn't look hard as a ROCK on that stage come competition time. Bravo, MA!! ;)


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