Thursday, 27 March 2014


American pro mass muscle monster Branch Warren took 6th place in the men's open category at the Arnold Classic earlier this month, with many calling it his best outing in years. The Texan muscle daddy has always been hugely popular with muscle fans. Here are just a few reasons why...

- The super butch, mega woofy, uber daddy looks, complete with big ole bald head and gruffy facial fuzz. Grrrr-RUFF!!

- The monstrous mountain of muscle mass Branch has the damn cheek to call his body! Grainy hardcore freaky slabs of thick hard muscle. So damn grainy it hurts your eyes! Branch also happens to be one the most grotesquely vascular freaks in the business. If he ever gets short of cash, he could rent himself out as a human fucking Sat Nav. And how does one man manage to get so fucking DRY?? Absolutely incredible!

-  The uber aggro, cocky as fuck, testosterone fuelled attitude Branch adopts when he's on stage in his posers, ripped and carved to the eyeballs, showing off all his barely human man meat. He cranks out his almighty poses in such an incredibly powerful manner, showing the whole world what an incredible, superhuman fucking muscle freak he's transformed himself into!


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  1. Hi MA
    Just in case you thought that nobody liked Branch, this is clearly not the case. He's pretty close to one of my all time favs, not quite there though, but close.

    I like him for all the reasons you gave, and a few others.

    He's grown into a beautiful muscle silverback.

    Matures beautifully

    Raw and ready.
    Sweaty dome and pumped muscles

    Not many bodybuilders look good from behind, the way he pushes one leg back and stomps on the platform with his back facing the audience. That was just pure control. He was muscularity is dense and vascular all over, no lagging hamstrings or neglected calves, or a back that lacks detail. A total muscle monster.

    Here's the clip I'm talking about.
    Beef from the back

    My favorite pic out of the generous spread is this.
    Yes no apologies, hardcore beef

    The beef, vascularity, testosterone unleashed, the monster to have emerged from the darkest recesses of the most hardcore gym.


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