Monday, 3 March 2014


Following James Flex Lewis' victory as the first ever 212 Arnold Classic champion at this weekend's event, all eyes turned to the big boys in the men's open class (click here for a full rundown of the line up, placings and pics from the 212 class)! The winner of which, as predicted by many in the lead up to the show, was German muscle monster DENNIS WOLF. His usual mass of superhuman sized, granite hard, grainy as fuck muscle mass, the win follows Wolf's surprise, but well deserved, 3rd placing at last year's Mr Olympia!

2nd place, as also hotly predicted, was awarded to SHAWN RHODEN. I have to admit for a long time I didn't really pay that much attention to this American meat monster, and then I saw a video of him posing and FUCK...I was completely blown away by the quality of Shawn's muscle. So fucking thick and dense, and it has that awesome "hanging off the bone" quality I love. The quad sweeps are insane, the glutes are thick and ripped, the waist is impressively small (a quality not many current IFBB pro bodybuilders possess) and those bumpy, narrow ab bricks decorating his midsection are just plain fucking hot! He often competes wearing bright pink posers *whimpers* but they, disappointingly didn't make an appearance this time! I just have one major grumble when it comes to Shawn, and it's probably the reason I overlooked him for so long...the tude! Or should I say...lack of! If I'm trying to be diplomatic, I'd say he was a little "subdued", but if I wanted to be blatantly honest (and I guess a little mean) the words "dull as fucking FUCK" spring to mind! Every now and then we get a *tiny* glimpse of a cheeky facial scrunch, but on the whole, there's hardly any cockiness, cheekiness, or charm, which begs the question, what's the point of pumping yourself up to uber-human proportions, and moulding your body to look like some kind of grotesque mutated muscle FREAK if you're not gonna have some fun with it and show off all your mighty muscle with a shit hot arrogant/cocky/superior/at *least* a lil' bit cheeky TUDE like 90% of your muscle monster peers do??

3rd and 4th places went to CEDRIC MCMILLAN and VICTOR MARTINEZ respectively! If I'm being honest I've always struggled a little with Cedric. There's something lacking for me (maybe that wow factor), not just in his physique but the overall package. The best I ever saw him was when he was indulging in a cheeky posedown with Seth Feroce at the 2009 NPC Nationals, and that was mostly down to his attitude rather than his physique! I do appreciate though that this is his best outing for a while (he's a little inconsistent in his conditioning and received fairly low placings in his past couple of competitions). He looked hard, carved, and just plain monstrous, and he could teach Shawn a thing or two about stage presence! Victor Martinez's impressive 4th place follows on from him missing the top 10 at last year's Mr O. Victor impressed here with size more than conditioning and I personally feel a few of the slightly lower placed guys looked better! Much like Cedric, Victor hasn't ever really made much of an impression on me, which results in him being one of those muscle monsters I appreciate, but don't ever really go nuts over.

One bodybuilder I *do* go nuts for though is EVAN CENTOPANI who took 5th! Looking as superhuman and freaky as always, Evan came in dry, hard and shredded. The upper body looked particularly awesome, especially during those bonkers crab most musculars!! Traps exploding up to his earlobes, biceps doubling in size, delts practically ripping through the skin, and a dozen nasty veins erupting over all those hardcore freaky slabs of thick dense muscle. That powerful, cocky tude and those awesome, playfully aggressive facial expressions we've come to expect from Evan were also present. FUCK YEAH EVAN!!

6th place went to muscle daddy supreme and former Arnold Classic champion BRANCH WARREN, aka the monstrous mass of granite hard, thick as shit, grotesquely vascular, inhuman sized man meat!! Branch is so fucking GRAINY it hurts my eyes. And how does one man manage to get so fucking DRY?? Just incredible! The woofy gruffy uber-daddy looks are well in place as ever, as is that powerful/superior tude he adopts as he's cranking out his poses!!

Placing just outside the top 6 was barely human Canadian meat monster BEN "PACMAN" PAKULSKI. All of Pacman's awesome qualities were in check. The super sexy, macho looks, the crazy huge melon delts, those freakishly thick, mondo sized quads, the striated to fuck line plastered glutes, that superior, hyper-masculine, in-your-fucking-face attitude, and his usual shiny as shit, perfectly fit, outrageously coloured choice of posing trunks!!

The remaining line up was made up of outrageously thick, massive uber-beast BRANDON CURRY in 8th place, 47(!!) year old Arnold Classic veteran TONEY FREEMAN, who usually competes in awesome condition and always brings some crazy tude to the stage, and who took 9th place, the huge, hard, carved out mountain of muscle EDWARD NUNN in 10th place and just missing out on the top 10, the final competitor, muscle monster supreme FRED SMALLS, famous for his incredibly thick muscle (those pecs could feed a small island for a month) and crazy awesome posing!

And some awesome posedown pics featuring the top 6 competitors, and a video of the lads posing in action to finish!


  1. You Brits certainly have a way with words. . .

  2. These posts are great Addict. Thanks for keeping us informed. Good to see Branch and Big Ben back on this blog.


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