Saturday, 1 March 2014


Some of the biggest, freakiest and most well loved muscle monsters in bodybuilding are squeezing into their tiny shiny posing trunks and stepping on stage this weekend at the first major bodybuilding event of the year, the 2014 Arnold Classic! This year's event is notable for featuring the first ever 212 class, which was predictably, but rightfully (and not to mention..bloody brilliantly) won by the current Mr Olympia 212 champion, the crazy popular, always amazing, Welsh bodybuilding superstar JAMES FLEX LEWIS!

Flex was hotly tipped to win the class, and didn't disappoint by competing in his usual incredible condition. Here are a few things we love about Flex...the fact that he's a 5'5 mountain of insanely thick, indecently pumped, carved out, superhuman muscle MASS...the crazy THICK, rock hard fucking biceps...those amazingly wide, SHREDDED to buggery tree trunk quads...his inhumanely ripped, striated to FUCK, pass me that cheese mate I need to grate some cheddar which Flex's arse is fucking perfect for GLOOTZ...and the awesome/playful/animated/charming/cheeeeky/downright bleedin' COCKY manner in which he cranks the BEEF, perfectly demonstrated below with those awesome scrunchy facial expressions and the outrageous way he sticks his tongue out like a thirsty fucking pup when he's blasting out those most musculars. FUCKING GO FOR IT FLEX (you cheeky bugger)!!

Just behind Flex in 2nd place was DAVID HENRY! I haven't really featured much of David on the blog, but I actually *really* like him, for a number of reasons, but mostly because of THAT excessively muscular, outrageously monstrous, beyond human mountain of MASS he has the damn cheek to call his body! I'm never failed to be amazed by the sheer fucking quality of David's muscle. The upper body just fucking FLAWS me! How fucking THICK, wide and monstrous can one man's shoulders be?? And the biceps/triceps? FUCKING HUUUGE!! Henry's upper bod is just bunched up mound after bunched up mound of immensely thick, granite hard, grainy as fuck muscle mass. And the quads?? JESUS FUCKING FUCK!! Shre-he-dedddd!! The detail in those meaty thigh muscles is just fucking bonkers. And of course, no analysis of David's physique is complete without a mention of that crazy ripped up midsection! Abs and obliques so shredded they look like they've been carved out with a sharp butchers knife. The dude is nothing short of a living, breathing work of fucking art. You gotta fucking LOVE that powerful, animalistic TOOD he displays when he's cranking out his poses too! 3 plus points also given for the choice of posing trunk colour (woof), but 2 points deducted for the material (the exact fucking opposite of woof)!

3rd place went to my personal favourite bodybuilder of the class (and one of my favourite muscle freaks of the last 12 months), the 24 year old, 5'7 powerhouse of freakishly jacked up American muscle mass AARON CLARK!! FUCK YEAH AARON!! This is the first time Mr.Clark has competed since last year's New York pro, and also, only his second ever competition as a pro! As expected, this gorgeous, cheeky chappie of a muscle freak stepped on stage in the craziest fucking condition. Jacked and peeled from head to fucking foot, Aaron showed off his dangerously shredded quads, indecently thick back, lovely lumpy bumpy abs, his outrageously hot bubble butt fucking glutes, and the rest of his freaky as fuck slabs of man meat with that usual over the top cheeky, shamelessly fucking COCKY tude we've come to know and love! He also seems to have raided Brad Rowe's wardrobe (either that or he read my recent guide to choosing the perfect pair of posing trunks - hehe)! Look at those outrageously fucking shiny blue posing trunks attempting (and failing miserably) to cover up all that thick as shit ass meat! Hands down *the* hottest posers Aaron has ever squeezed into!

4th place went to that pint sized pocket rock of Japanese beef HIDETADA YAMAGISHI! I'm never been a massive fan of his, but he's always a pleasure to see (especially in videos) for his powerhouse of thick pumped bulging muscle mass, the fact that he always wears the hottest, smallest, shiniest posers, which often get gobbled up by his thick meaty glutes, and for that cheeky/cocky/adorable tude and the way he scrunches and screws up that (cute) face when he's cranking his barely human BEEF!!

5th place was awarded to JOSE RAYMOND, aka The Boston Mass, aka that mini mountain of grainy as fucking fuck, dry as day old crackers, freakishly/inhumanely/grotesquely (delete as appropriate) vascular muscle mass who, I think it's fair to say, has definitely been better conditioned, fuller and more shredded than he is here.

Just missing out on the top five was CHARLES DIXON who looked thick, full and shredded in 6th place, and outrageously sexy Czech muscle hottie LUKAS OSLADIL in 7th place competing in his usual awesome condition (outrageously fucking RIPPED glutes and all)...

The rest of the top ten was taken up by RICKY "TRICKY" JACKSON, who's been on the 212 bodybuilding circuit for years, who's placed respectively in past Mr Olympias, has a reputation of rocking the beef with a crazy fucking awesome/cocky/aggressive tude, and who placed 8th here, the always gorgeous STAN MCQUAY, who's also been competing for years, who's famous for his tight carved up midsection, who I probably preferred in his younger days, and walked away with 9th place, and Latino hottie ANGEL RANGEL VARGAS, who is just a miniature mountain of thick, carved out muscle meat, and who also happens to be pretty damn fucking sexy, and outrageously fucking COCKY (check the fucking facial expressions on this lad)!!

And missing out on the top ten and completing the line up, uber-macho muscle beast MARCO RIVERA and QUINCY WINKLAAR (brother of insanely awesome bodybuilding super freak Roelly's)!!

And to round things up, some incredibly fucking awesome posedown pics featuring the top 6 placed guys (check the fucking TUDE on Aaron...FAAARRK), and a few videos of these lads in action...


  1. Excellent Post Addict-- Jeff Binn's photos are great.. Okay M. A. you say you liked Stan Mcquay better in his younger days-- baby I would not kick that Muscle out of bed if he farted-- He's better than fine wine and he is not even daddy muscle yet.

  2. WOOF,PANT,JIZZ!!!!!! Flex is certainly the clear winner, but Aaron, the young mountain of gorgeous, tanned, oiled, shiny, granite slabs of muscle, cheeky, chipmunk, butch, cute and barely out of his teens and at the pinicle of man potentcy. WOOF,PANT, JIZZ times a thousand. Great post Addict.


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