Wednesday, 5 February 2014


If there's one type of bodybuilder I neglected to feature much of last year, it's without a doubt, the mega butch, super sexy, gruffy woofy daddies of the muscle world! In fact, given the amount of young cuties I've featured lately, you could have forgiven me going off my muscle daddies. Definitely NOT the case! I might have taken my eye off them a little of late, but I've always LOVED mature muscle, and that hasn't changed a bit! So brace yourself daddy lovers for a post dedicated to some of the biggest, sexiest, fuck off hottest muscle daddies in bodybuilding! WOOF FUCKING WOOF!! We've got all types of daddies here. Big bad butch daddies! Dry veiny grainy daddies! Grizzly gruffy woofy daddies! Daddies who are as bald as a bleedin' coot! Daddies who sport uber-sexy silver chains and earrings (no idea why this turns me on so much but it does)! Daddies who manage to be both rough, gruff and mega macho *and* bloody gorgeous (see Andy Polhill)! Daddies who are even more ridiculously fucking handsome now they're older and daddified than they were in their young years (see Mark Dugdale)! Daddies with super sexy facial fuzz! Daddies who occasionally have a coating of off season fur covering their rock hard, ripped to buggery man beef (see Christian Lacoche)! Daddies who are even more outrageously cheeky and cocky when they're ripping the beef on stage than lads half their age even though you'd really expect them to be a bit more restrained at their age (2 words: FUCK THAT)! MASSIVE DADDIES! MACHO DADDIES! SHREDDED DADDIES! SEXY DADDIES! CHEEKY DADDIES! DADDIES DADDIES DADDIES!! Grrrrr-RUFF RUFF RUFF!!






  1. ooooooooof......that one hit the spot!
    i don't know who's or those seriously over blown f*ckers!!

  2. This shit was great I think you need to do more of these!!! Hott daddy muscle!!! What great is the longer u build and u get the muscle maturity the better. Nice work muscle addict!!!!

  3. No Blacks, Latinos or Asian bodybuilders? What's up?

  4. Arthur Andrade, the bald guy in the red posers and the no 110 number badge is Latino. I thought of including Dexter Jackson and Toney Freeman but I tend to put them in the Olympia/pro mass monster category rather than think of them as muscle daddies! Unfortunately I couldn't name you one Asian muscle daddy, but if you have any names/suggestions feel free to post them.

  5. who is the guy wearing red poser and no 15? may i suggest u put the names under each guys? this is only place where i get to see all the hot muscle guys...

    this post is the one that i get most excited so far apart from your individual dedicated posts..

    thank u so much

    1. That's Mike Kefalianos. Glad you like the post mate! ;)

  6. DADDY LOVER HERE! If there was a law against dropping cream over massive mature musclemen I'd have spent most of my life behind bars! There's just something so ridiculously horny about an older guy with huge muscles, men who have reached a point in their lives when others their age are donning a pair of slippers and building model railways, but instead these guys are donning outrageously teeny posing trunks and building hundreds of pounds of nasty raw twitchy man-beef! I don't think I'll ever be able to come to terms with the oh-so-wonderfully contrasting factors of older guys which huge beef, and then showing that beef with the cockiness of a cheeky lad, and so for me older muscle monsters will always be a source of major fascination and major spunk-age! Awesome post MA and well done for featuring so prominently the 'daddy of daddies', Mike Kef! This monster is THE definition of mature muscle for me; hyper-masculine yet cheeky-as-a-chimp at the same time, fucking gorgeous and so massive my pants need wringing the moment I clap eyes on his considerable beef! Love muscle, love daddies, LOOOOVE MUSCLE DADDIES!!!


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