Saturday, 8 February 2014


American muscle monkey Brad Rowe won his IFBB pro card at the NPC Nationals last November. You might have noticed I've featured him quite a bit on the blog since then. I've always really liked Brad but it's fair to say my love for him has grown a fair bit over the past few months, which seemed to start around the time he won his pro card, and a certain video popped up online of a crazy conditioned Brad pulling his shiny blue trunks half way down his ass to show off his hard ripped glutes (COMPLETE coincidence of course..*whimpers at the thought of THAT unbelievably cheeky/awesome video and the sight of Bradders cranking the beef with his half-bare bootie on display*)! In fact, Mr.Rowe has become a bit of a favourite of mine lately. Here are a few reasons why...

#1. THE BOD!

Bradders might not be the most monstrously huge, or out of this world freaky bodybuilder in the business, but what he *does* possess is a modestly big, brilliantly beefy, muscle packed bod, which, when in comp condition is bat shit crazy shredded! When Brad's at his best, he's so damn ripped the muscle looks like it's been carved with a knife, and he's so fucking peeled he looks practically skinless! When he's got his shiny blue trunkies on, and he's tanned and oiled and ready to hit that stage, the glootz are *always* hard and ripped, the guns are *always* big and beefy, and the abs are *always* carved and cut (just what DID your body fat do to piss you off so much Bradders)?! But there's one particular muscle group which outshines the rest...


Correction: The crazy huge, outrageously THICK, bonkers braided, insanely conditioned tree trunk fucking QUADS! FUCK YEAH!! Those. Things. Are. Incredible! Brad recently joked on an Internet forum that he "got his tree trunk thighs from his mom"! All I can say is...God bless Mama Rowe! The fuckers barely look human, and if Brad's mission now that he's a pro is to get his upper half matching anywhere near the quality of the lower half (amazing hammies and ripped glutes included) then FAARKK I'm seriously gonna need to put the emergency services on my speed dial for fear of regular bouts of severe dehydration!


Two words: FUCKING! GORGEOUS! Brad is without a doubt one of *the* best looking bodybuilders in the IFBB! The guy used to be a fitness model for fucks sake. Those lovely, handsome, All American clean cut looks (which I'm a major sucker for) are just crazy hot when contrasted with that nasty, shredded, alien-like mountain of muscle below the neckline! He's such a fucking cutie, with a real cheeky, boyish quality (another thing I go crazy for) but he's soooo fucking masculine with it. PHWOAR!! Even *without* the slabs of hard, tight, freakishly peeled beef bulging off his bones in every direction I'd be panting like a thirsty pup at the sight of this American muscle stud! Oh..and he's got a reputation for being a genuinely nice guy/absolute sweetie (you only have to read his various forum posts and watch interviews etc. to know it's the truth) which in my eyes makes him even *more* attractive and down right bloody sexy!!


Anyone who saw my "10 Insanely Hot Pairs of Posing Trunks" post last month will know that Brad is the proud owner of one of *the* SHIT hottest pairs of super shiny, mega slurpy, teeny tiny bright blue posing trunks you've ever seen hugging a pair of incredibly hot, shredded glutes, and being filled out/stretched to the max by a big thick bulge at the front *blushes and feels naughty talking about Bradder's bulge given he's a fucking sweetie and one of the good guys*! First and LAST mention of *that* particular part of your body Brad, I promise! Brad's blue slurpers aren't the only hot trunks in his wardrobe though. He also owns a pair of turquoise numbers which are as equally fucking SHINY (if not more so), and are almost as/just as/even more so (delete as appropriate depending on personal opinion) downright bleedin' HOT as his blue ones!

And to see Brad flexing his stuff in those shiny turquoise slurpers, take a look at the video preview of the 2013 NPC Nationals from USAMuscle... !! One word: FAAARRKK!!


Brad might not be the first bodybuilder to spring to mind when the words "cocky poser" are muttered, but he *is*, on occasion, an adorably cheeky little monkey when he's ripping up the beef on stage! When he's not flashing that gorgeous/proud as punch smile at the audience, he's scrunching up that handsome mug of his into all manner of awesomely cheeky/bordering on cocky facial expressions! None more so when he's BLASTING out those massive crab most musculars (evidence below)! Bradders fucking squeeeeezes the BEEF so damn fucking hard it's a miracle he doesn't do himself a personal injury, with *the* cheekiest, most adorable facial expressions like "eeeeeeeeee...look at me" facial expressions! He also seems to be getting nastier (DRIP) and scrunchier (SPLAT) with every passing show!!

And my personal favourite shot of Brad squeezing a most muscular on stage, partly cause he looks like he's just escaped from a mental asylum, partly cause of THAT crazy/cocky "FUCK YEAH" facial scrunch, and partly cause the dude looks like he's squeezing so damn HARD something (mostly likely a muscle or a vein) looks like it's about two seconds away from going POP...

And while he might not fully embrace his outrageously cocky side on stage, Brad is *more* than capable of tapping into his inner animistic, outrageous facial expression sportin', beyond arrogant/downright nasty/cocky as fucking FUCK fucker during photo shoots, as evidenced in these outrageous photo shoot pics/video snapshots of Brad pulling all manner of nasty/hot expressions as he's showing off what a jacked up, pumped up, barely human muscle freak he is. FUCK YEAH BRADDERS!!

TWO WORDS: BLEEDIN'! NUTTER! And if you're still not convinced/converted to this mountain of bulging, rippling, insanely shredded, beyond fucking GORGEOUS American man meat, this lot might make you change your mind...

And just for fun, tell me what you think of Brad/the future Mrs.Muscleaddict in the below poll...

And a few videos of Bradders (including the ones some of the above screen shots are taking from) in all his awesome/cheeky/lovely/beefy glory...


  1. Addict-- I'm ready to buy Brad a condo with benefits.

  2. Addict-- show more of his amazing muscled ass-- I'm a butt lover. Thanks. His butt in his qualifying show was fucking bootylicious.

  3. Brad is purely hardcore and a lovely package of muscle!!! The glutes are to die for and the quads are just insane!!! If he was to wrap those bad boys around u wow!!!

  4. OK, WOW! I thought no one could love Brad as much as I.....MA proved me wrong! What a post! Every word is simply dripping with freshly-spunked lad-cream in honour of Mr Rowe's gorgeous face, gigantic body and utterly outrageous 'tude! What a fitting tribute to one of THE most perfectly-pumped slabs of rippling American man-meat to hit the muscle scene in ages, and he's getting bigger, cheekier and more fucking GORGEOUS by the day! I'm always in a bit of a quandary with Brad because the front and the back both look so fucking GOOD! Which do I choose?! To make my life easier there should be a law passed that Brad can only ever stand in front of a mirror so we get to enjoy ass and face at the same time! Of course it should also be illegal for this boy to wear any clothing other than outrageously tiny/shiny posers, a law I'd like to see extended to all the lads honoured on this wonderful blog! An awesome post for an awesome lad! Thanks MA, you're a 'Brad Rowe's Bum', i.e. one in a million! ;-)

  5. If I start Addict, I'll only repeat how you have described Muscle Monster Baby Brad. Baby because of his adorable boyish face atop of a body that was certainly sent here by the Muscle Worship Gods for the sole purpose to keep us totally dehydrated. No need to blush when describing his God buldge, had to stay quite awhile on the photoshoot pic in those shiny silver posers where you can see the RIM on that granite slab of 100% muscled manmeat, WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great post as always Addict. P.S. always love your banners and certainly love the four on there now.


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