Thursday, 27 February 2014


What springs to mind when you hear the word Australia?! Barbies? Kangaroos? Koalas? Kylies?! Rarely do you think "insanely shredded, cut to fuck, cutie patootie muscle boy bodybuilders", but I've decided it's about time someone made an attempt to change that! If there's one nation of bodybuilders I've neglected to feature much of on the blog, it's those pumped up, tan drenched, trunk sporting lads from Down Under! In fact, I've only dedicated posts to two Aussie muscle boys! The first of whom was ridiculously gorgeous Aled Barry, who appears to have hung up his insanely awesome, teeny tiny, metallic blue posing trunks (see here for the evidence) for good, and the second being one of my favourite bodybuilders of the last twelve months, that hot as fuckity fuck, shredded to buggery, beef packed muscle monkey Jake Nikolopolous (WOOF WOOF)! Now we can add another few muscle hotties to that list, with a post dedicated to three of the best young current bodybuilders in Australia. They're all insanely ripped, they're all impossibly cute, and they're all incredibly fucking HOT!





Which one of these Aussie muscle cuties is your favourite??

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