Monday, 6 January 2014


In my last post I revealed that I was planning to feature more unknown/lesser known bodybuilders on the blog. I think it's fair to say Iranian bodybuilder Sina Hormiza falls into that category. Here are a few reasons why I think he's worthy of his own blog post...


2) That lovely beef packed body is just beyond hot! Big, beefy mounds of pumped up muscle mass bulging and bursting underneath his lovely looking paper thin skin, with crazy rips, awesome cuts and wiry veins in all the right places!

3) The biceps are especially impressive! Pumped to fuck, rock fucking hard looking and just plain massive!! I love the pics of him at the airport and in Maccies in that low cut black t-shirt, which he clearly picked out just to show off pumped and beefy he is, big carved chest muscle peeking through, those HUGE arms just bursting out. FAWK! Imagine seeing THAT walking around the airport!! I don't think I'd be able to think about anything else all fucking holiday!

4) Those lumpy bumpy abdominals bursting through his tum tum are also doing some funny things to me. Ripped and carved and just flat out fucking lovely! Lovers of furry muscle check out the tum fuzz in some of the gym shots!

5) Did I mention he's fucking gorgeous?!


  1. Oh hells yeah. Never heard of Sina until just a few strokes -- er, moments -- ago! What a stud! And he has excellent taste in muscle buddies, too...

  2. Be still my soggy boxers! What a SPUNK! The bod is just CRAZY big and juicy and looks extra delicious slathered in copious amounts of oil. And don't even get me started on the face! What a CUTIE! Loving the Maccies pic too! He's got such a boyish face I really think he should have ordered a Happy Meal! But in contrast the bod is sooo friggin' massive and meaty that it's a wonder the staff didn't try and make burgers out of him, he's plenty beefy enough! Great find MA!

    1. Introducing, for a limited time only, and at all participating restaurants...The McSina burger! Inspired by flavours from the Middle East, the McSina is extra thick, extra beefy, extra delicious, and is by far one of the best looking burgers on the menu. Kleenex tissues, and spare pairs of pants/undies (you dirty buggers) are not provided.

  3. OMFG Addict, starting the beatoff year with a young, gorgeous, massive, carved, muscled find like this. We're off to a banging, cum splatterd year. He's just so fucking muscled and those gym shots with that young trail of lickable fur leading the way to his muscled man treasure makes my nuts explode. WOOF!!!!!!WOW!!!!!! and keep em CUMING Addict. Great, great post to start us OFF. As always, your the best.

  4. Oh yea Addict, what a find. That first pic is classic young god meat and the fur heading right for that beautiful lump of meat pushing out in those baggy sweats, and that shot of him and his muscle buddy inside the fence, what I wouldn't give to have them fenced in, as long as I'm wishing, a herd of em fenced in. Good job to start the year.

  5. Starting the year off with one hell of a load and wish it would land on that young muscled set of hairy cum gutters. WOW, then the next sound you hear is SLURP!!!!!!!

  6. At last the hunk of beef in the black swim trunks has been identified! I was afraid the photo was a morph but it's ALL him. Those thick thighs and meaty ass are too much.


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