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Last year I did a series of posts on the blog featuring some of the biggest, hottest and most well known bodybuilders from the Czech Republic. The first of which focused on one of the most high profile Czech muscle bulls Tomas Bures (sexy, butch, and carved as fuck) while the second featured another TANK of a muscle bull Petr Brezna (BIG, bald, and butch as they come). My third post featured the widely popular Lukas Osladil (massive, cute, and just plain fucking horny), however, I had a few other candidates/pumped up fucking muscle freaks in a pair of bulge stretching posing trunks (WOOF WOOF WOOF) in mind! One of those being an outrageously HOT/cute (more on that later)/freaky/BEASTLY (more on *that* later too) Czech bodybuilder who has been on my radar for a few years, but not more so than in the last few months due to a comeback to the stage at last year's Arnold Classic Europe, and then a win at the 1st Ben Weider Cup (that's a real show, I didn't just make it up) in Greece which also earned him his IFBB pro card! And the name of this big, beefy, beastly bodybuilding brute?? TOMAS (surely one the most popular boys name in the Czech Republic?) KASPAR!!

So what makes Tomas worthy of his own blog post?? First and foremost, the fact that he's an absolute TANK of a muscle beast!! Big, hard and thick all over, Tomas' physique is just mound upon mound of dense, pumped, solid looking beef! Meaty pecs, killer traps, solid guns, awesome delts and freaky looking, wonky shaped (they look like they're having a fucking party) abber dabbers all make up Tomas' tank-esque body! And check the fucking VEIN situation in those thick as shit tree trunk legs, particularly in the Arnold Classic Europe stage pics! HOLY CRAP that's nasty! Those big meaty wheels are just COVERED with the thinnest, craziest looking veins. FREAK! Absolute. Fucking. FREAK!!

And to nicely compliment that bonkers bull-esque bod, are Tomas' looks! Correction: Tomas' handsome, lovely, GORGEOUS fucking looks! 3 words: Sexy! Bleedin'! Bugger! Tomas has a real cute, cheeky chappie look about him, and as well as having a slight boyish quality to him, he's also butch as fuck and masculine as hell! PHWOAR!! It's just such a fucking horny combination! A big, butch muscle brute who'll throw you round the bedroom, but one who you can still take home to your mother. She'll be a *little* disapproving when she sees the fucking size of him, but one flash of that gorgeous, cheeky chappie smile and she'll be completely won over (bless mum)! In other words: Tomas has a face to melt hearts, a bod to drench pants/boxers/jim jams/preferred night wear..fuck it, day wear too, and is more than worthy of any/all love and attention from anyone with a slight penchant for freaky ripped up muscle bulls!






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  1. Dear Addict, I can only agree with your seductive assessment of Tomas Kaspar-- I too lust after this uber hunk of sweet beef- I could only hope that he too gets woody for musclemen (or men in general) and please get word to him to wear smaller posers with glutes exposed WOOF. THANKS ADDICT.

  2. Was Kaspar the inspiration for your American Muscle God story? Can't' blame you I would fuck that muscle in a New York minute -- of course it would last longer than a minute. BTW how many bodybuilders do you fall in love with every month? LOL keep it up dude serious fan here.

  3. Thanks's always great to hear when people say they like the blog! Can't say that Tomas was an inspiration for that story but there was one bodybuilder I did have in mind when I writing it and that was Mark Dugdale *thinks of big bald woofy gruffy Mark, bites lip and whimpers*! And to answer your other (cheeky..hehe) question. least a fair few dozen?! ;)

  4. Outstanding mate! How many pics have you found of this guy?? You must have done a fair bit of research to get this together, 10 out of 10 and an extra house point I reckon!! Love pics 4 and 5 where I'm guessing his pants/posers are on the floor somewhere, a shot ONLY big bodybuilder types can get away with! And I love those bright blue posers he's sporting in a lot of the pics, and the red ones, and the black ones, AND the silver ones in the free posing vid!!

  5. Let's call me Draugr.

    I always thought I was the only one who had noticed he has a BIG SITUATION going on down there, if you know what I mean :P Of course, posing trunks make a bulge more notorious, but there are other photos of him wearing the grey shorts you see in the above pictures and his bulge is still very notorious, so certainly this guy is not only big whe it come to muscles, he is big everywhere!

    He wore that emerald posing suit which is obviously small and too tight for his size that his testicles and penis line can be seen from miles away.

    I wonder if he wears small posing suits on purpose. Well, if you stop and think about it for a moment, bodybuilders are exhibitionists by nature, so some of them might as well feel very proud of every body part they sport on stage, even proud of those body parts that are not supposed to be part of the exhibition xD

    There are a lot of posing suits that are not releaving that he can choose, but he always or almost always goes for the most revealing ones...

    What do you think guys?

    Nice blog. I will be a regular visitor^^


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