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2013 was a great year for muscle. Loads of hot, new, awesome bodybuilders appeared on the scene, while other known bodybuilders stepped up their games, gained mass, placed well, won shows, or just attracted more attention from muscle fans. So what muscle freaks will do the same this year? Here are a few possible candidates...


Gorgeous All American muscle beast Nick is without a doubt one of the most high profile amateur bodybuilders in America. Nick was due to compete at last years NPC Nationals in November, but was forced to drop out due to a tricep injury three weeks out. He's now got his sights set on the NPC USA's in July where he's hoping to finally win that pro card! The first pic below was taken last month, while the others of Nick posing in his kitchen looking huge, pumped and awesome are the last set of shots to be posted of him before his injury.


Cheeky, chunky beef monkey Aaron was one of the most talked about bodybuilders last year, even though he only made one competition appearance, at the New York Pro, where he competed in the most phenomenally shredded condition and placed an impressive 4th in the 212 category. He's now prepping for the Arnold Classic in March, again as a 212 competitor. Judging from the below pics (all taken in the last week) he'll be huge, jacked, peeled, and so fucking cut it hurts!


Big bald British beef bull Anth was one of my favourite bodybuilders of 2012, the same year he won his pro card. After taking last year off, this mountain of huge, thick, freakishly vein plastered (check those fucking forearms in the pics below...freaky, outrageous and just plain nasty) muscle mass will be flying the flag for England when he makes his pro debut at the Toronto Pro in June! FUCKING FUCK YES!! Here are some recent off season shots of Anth...


And here's how he looked in competition back in 2012...


Back in 2009, an insanely gorgeous, cheeky tude pumped, young American muscle boy called Seth Feroce blew everyone away with his crazy competition conditioning and won his pro card after just 2 competitions!! Seth's career as a pro has been a little shaky. He was due to compete last year but dropped out amidst rumours of serious health problems, recently confirmed to be true by the man himself, and even retirement from bodybuilding! Seth, however, has recently announced plans to return to competing this year. The below pic was taken last month...

And here are a few shots of Seth competing back in 2012...


Insanely popular, Latin-American fitness model/bodybuilder Raciel hasn't actually competed in a bodybuilding show yet, however that's all set to change this year. The ridiculously gorgeous 21 year old is currently "bulking up" (WOOF) and plans to compete in three shows this year! It will be interested to see how Raciel will look on stage rocking a pair of shiny posing trunks. Personally I'd love to see him drop the fitness modelling, get really serious about bodybuilding, pack on loads of size and transform himself into a genuine muscle freak! FOOK YEAH!!


Ridiculously HOT muscle freak Lukas is one of the most high profile Czech bodybuilders on the scene, with some impressive competition outings under his belt since he turned pro a few years back. Lukas is now training with one of the top bodybuilding "gurus" and has confirmed he'll be making his 2014 stage debut alongside Aaron Clark in the 212 category of the Arnold Classic, and is then planning to hit the New York Pro and Toronto Pro a little later in the year.


American muscle boy Cody "The Quadfather" Lewis won himself a lot of fans when he won the NPC Teen Championships back in 2010, looking ripped, carved, insanely CUTE, and displaying some seriously awesome/cheeky/cocky TUDE! After a few disappointing outings in 2012, he took last year off, but the now 23 year old Cody is planning his comeback to the stage this year. The below pics of him looking swollen, ripped and PUMPED were taken back in November...

And this is what of Cody looked like when he last hit the stage a year and a half ago...


Early last year I did a post on big, bald, sexy as FUCK Egyptian muscle monster Ibrahim Samy (link here for anyone who wants to re-visit), who'd be on my radar for a while at that point. Last month Ibrahim won the much respected Amateur Mr Olympia, and won his pro card. With past winners including Sami Al Haddad and Big Ramy, it's fair to say there might be some very good things on the way for this carved out beef monster!


Speaking of the Amateur Mr Olympia, this year the show will be moving from December to June, and will take place in Prague! And hoping to place well is one of the hottest, and most popular bodybuilders of last year, the impossibly handsome German muscle hottie Roman Fritz, who actually won his pro card last year, and then had it taken away due to a rule change. I love seeing Roman in pretty much any form, whether off season (where he *still* always looks ripped) or in crazy comp condition rocking some seriously shredded, striated BEEF!


American meat head Joel Thomas has been regularly hitting the stage as an amateur bodybuilder for years, getting bigger, beefier and more bull-like with every outing. He placed 2nd in the Super Heavies at the NPC Nationals back in November, sporting some thick as shit, hard as nails, ripped to buggery muscle mass and finally won his pro card.


The Welsh Dragon and bodybuilding superstar, James Flex Lewis became champion of the 212 class at last year's Mr Olympia for a second year running. Flex has now got his sights on becoming the first ever Arnold Classic 212 champion (the category has been excitingly introduced for the first time this year), which is being held the first weekend of March. The below pic of Flex was taken last week and FUCK! He looks like an absolute MONSTER! Every single body part looks like a swollen balloon of beef that's about to explode at any given moment. I think it's fair to say James has a good chance of winning that title!


Like Joel Thomas, gorgeous fitness model/shredded to buggery BEEF monkey Brad has been on the bodybuilding circuit for a fair few years now, but finally won his pro card at last year's NPC Nationals. Fuck yeah Bradders!! He really stepped up his game last year, coming in bigger, harder, and more freakishly RIPPED than ever before. Those massive, alien-like quads and insanely hot ripped up GLOOTZ were especially impressive! And God doesn't he just fucking LOVE to squeeze all that hard, nasty beef at every available opportunity with the cutest/cheekiest tude imaginable! No official word yet on when, and what show Brad will be making his debut appearance as a pro, or even if it will be this year, but I just can't wait to see what changes he'll make to his physique, and what package he'll bring when he eventually does!


Amateur Mr Olympia champion Ibrahim Samy (see above) was joined by fellow Egyptian bodybuilder Ahmed Wardany at last years competition. While Ibrahim won the over 100kg (i.e. the big boy) category, Ahmed was champion of the under 90kg class. Gorgeous as fuck, adorably cute, and always sporting some awesome, ripped up juicy beef (the abs are especially lovely), I've liked Ahmed for as long as I've known of him (click here for my post of him from last year). He's still fairly under the radar but I do know he has a fair few fans already, and I have a feeling he'll be gaining a lot more, either this year, or in the not too distant future.


And the third and final NPC Nationals pro card winner, Kevin Jordan. Kevin and Nick Trigili were the two most hotly tipped bodybuilders of the show, and were due to battle it out in the Super Heavies. Then Nick dropped out, and Kevin eventually entered into the Heavyweight category, which we won, along with the overall show! With some impressive size and always awesome conditioning, I'm predicting big things for Kevin as a pro and I'm especially looking forward to the prospect of seeing him put on some serious MASS to compete with the current monsters in the pro ranks!

Which of these bodybuilders are you most looking forward to seeing more of in 2014? Have your say in the poll below...


  1. Addict I have two names for your consideration- BesimTrena and Lorenzo Filippi -both have overall freaky muscle and great glutes. thanks for your 2014 picks. I placed my vote.

    1. Thanks for the recommendations matie. I wasn't familiar with the names but when I did a search I recognised both of them straight away! Bresna is fucking gorgeous and a bit of a beast! Lorenzo is hot too. Gorgeous and cheeky looking but with a bit of a rough edge and rocking some awesome, hard, dry beef! Will definitely be keeping an eye out for these two mate.

  2. 14 should be a really WET year for us Addict with just the handfull of superhuman male specimens you've listed. With the globe full of young, gorgeous muscled stallions getting ready to do battle, you CUM up with a great list. Can't wait to see Raciel pumped, oiled and dripping in muscle sweat and thank god Cody, the gorgeous muscled dreamboy is making a CUMBACK. Great post as always. Thanks.

  3. Look out for Chris Tuttle and Cody Montgomery.


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