Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Ok guys, the votes from my recent poll have been counted and here is the first batch of the top 20 bodybuilders of the year, as voted for by you! Some of the top placed guys were fairly easy to predict, however, there were a couple of guys who didn't quite do as well as I thought they would and vice versa, bodybuilders who I didn't expect to place so high, so you might find there are a couple of surprises in the list!

On another note, to all those who voted for Nick Trigili, he actually earned the 5th highest amount of votes, but I'm not including him in the list for the simple fact that he dropped out of the Nationals meaning that he didn't actually compete this year, which was one of the rules I applied for bodybuilders to be eligible for the poll to keep the number of candidates down! I love Nick and I could have included him, but it felt a little like defeating the object to do so, so a huge apology to all the Nick fans, and hopefully my post on him last week made up for his absence here!

A huge thanks again to everyone who took part and voted in the poll, and here goes with the biggest/hottest/most ripped/gorgeous muscle freaks/bulls/monsters/Gods of the year...


The guy: After a year off from competing, Canadian pro bodybuilder Frank "The Wrath" McGrath returned to the stage at the Toronto Pro in May, placing an impressive 4th in the men's open category.

What we love: The hot, handsome, gruff, butch hyper-macho looks, complete with that big old bald sexy head and THAT crazy fucking jawline! WOOF!! The fucking TANK of a big, hard, dry as a bone muscle bod complete with major freaky as fuck vein action! BOOM!! The awesome/pumped/cocky tude he displays when he's hitting his poses complete with mad/crazy/arrogant facial expressions! FUUUUCK!!

And if you like Frank, check out this freaky as FUCK video of him showing off his grotesquely fucking vascular forearms and quads (FUCK YEAH) before Antoine Vaillant attempts to grab and pinch Frank's inhumanely thin skin!!


The guy: All American muscle beast Mark Dugdale stomped on to the New York Pro stage and flexed his way into 3rd place of the 212 category, before placing one better at the Toronto Pro. He was criminally under placed in the 212's at the Mr Olympia where he took the 10th place spot, but bounced back when he came 2nd at the Europa Games, only losing out to the incredible David Henry.

What we love: The fact that he is insanely handsome/gorgeous *and* incredibly masculine, with that big butch bald head, and that gruffy, woofy, daddy-esque edge he's developed to his looks! PHWOAR!! The fact that he's a fucking BEAST, and a ripped to fuck, beyond shredded, jacked to fucking hell and back BEAST at that! And oh yeah...the fact that he poses/flexes/shows off/CRANKS all that mighty fucking man meat with *the* shit hottest, OTT cocky facial expressions and TUDE imaginable! Mark turns into an absolute ANIMAL when he's on the stage blasting out those massive Most Musculars and crazy abs & thighs shots, scrunching up his gorgeous face, jamming his eyes shut, and outrageously opening his mouth wide like the cockiest fucker to ever enter a bodybuilding show! Outrageously fucking handsome, unbelievably fucking cocky, and insanely fucking AWESOME!


The guy: Texan pro mass muscle monster and bodybuilding superstar and legend Branch returned to the stage at this year's Mr Olympia and cracked the top ten by placing 9th, before taking 3rd at the EVL's Prague Pro behind Dexter Jackson and Kai Greene.

What we love: The hyper-masculine, gruffy, daddy-esque looks coupled with THAT superhuman sized mountain of HUGE, hard, dry, veiny, grainy, freaky as fuck muscle mass complete with alien-like, vein plastered, tree trunk fucking quads, massive slabby mondo sized pecs and big, hard, blocky stomach exploding abdominals ensure Branch is *always* popular with muscle loving beef junkies. WOOF FOOKING WOOF!!


The guy: One of the highest profile Czech pro bodybuilders in the IFBB, Tomas competed in the Tampa Bay Pro (16th), the Europa SuperShow in Dallas (10th) and the EVL's Prague Pro (15th).

What we love: The insanely awesome combination of those uber-masculine, handsome as fuck looks and the mass of granite hard, incredibly dense, carved up, shredded out, testosterone pumped fucking man meat he has the audacity to call his body, complete with those ridiculously massive watermelon shaped delts, big, thick, meaty super sized quads, and those beautifully carved out, stacked to the rafter abdominals which teasingly peek through that awesome thinly skinned midsection!


The guy: The IFBB pro muscle BULL from Belarus' best outing this year was at the Nordic Pro, where he placed 3rd ahead of Russian monster Alexey Lesukov. Before that, he earned two top 10 placings at the Europa SuperShow in Dallas (8th) and the Tampa Bay Pro (9th)!

What we love: The super fucking sexy, hyper-macho, gruffy good looks, the monstrously massive TANK of a HARD, thick, ripped, vascular, superhuman man beef, and the awesome/cocky/intense attitude he displays when he's cranking that beast-like muscle mass and blasting out those muscle exploding, vein erupting, skin stretching poses!!

Bodybuilders #15-11 coming soon!!


  1. OMG addict, I've drained myself a thousand times over Frank McGraft and that vid of his beyond human legs, dry, thick, striated, vascular ropes and the thinest, slilky muscle skin, WOW. If I was that close, I'd be like a dog humping a fireplug on those legs. Great bunch of GODS so far. Love these polls to see where my votes CUM in.

  2. Unfortunately there are no pix of Bures' back (& backside) at this stage of his career, so no way to assess his ass. Keesters count considerably in my final determination of a muscleman's desirability rating (read: fuckability).
    So (of these 5) Shabunya edges out Bures by a point or 2.
    Dugdale - I never found sexy; Warren only when he was much younger. (As a point of fact v rarely does a bodybldr I once found irresistibly bodacious retain his desirability past his 20s. There are certain exceptions, of course)
    [to be continued - if allowed]


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