Wednesday, 11 December 2013


The guy: The always popular, insanely CUTE, monstrously HUGE 25 year old Russian muscle bull Alexey Lesukov made his pro debut at this years Nordic Pro where his squeezed his enormous tank-esque muscle into an impressive 4th place!

What we love:

THE BOD!! That incredibly PUMPED, indecently MASSIVE mountain of THICK, plump, juicy fucking muscle mass he has the cheek to call his bod! The delts are insane..the wheels are beastly..the ass is massive..the biceps are fact, everything's just pumped and blown up to the most ridiculous extreme. But there's one certain muscle group which impresses more than the others. One which leaves most muscle junkies practically foaming at the mouth & chomping at the bit...

THE TITS!! Those excessively THICK, outrageously HUGE, blown to the max, pumped to the rafters, balloon-esque, superhuman sized, MONSTROUS fucking muscle tits!! FUCKING! FUCK! YES! Those two thick cushions of pec meat hanging and exploding and bulging off Alexey's chest are nothing short of fucking incredible! How how HOW did Alexey gets those beefy bonkers boobies so fucking BIG? Do you think someone opened up each nipple, stuck a bicycle pump in each one and just went crazy on the pedals?? Pump pump FUCKING pump!! And I'm not the only one who's a bit taken with those pillows of pumped up pec meat. Here's what you guys had to see about those spectacular muscle tits...

- Gorgeous tits - yes I am a pecs man! They could almost be morphed. It hardly seems fair that they're real.

- The monster slabs of muscle tit on Alexey are insane. Seeing him in work out videos pump those those insanely massive tits has gotten my rocks off on many occasions.

- Fuck this big boy has the best muscle tits in the world. I don't know how he can stand up straight with those plump babies hanging off him!

- Massive muscle tits make Alexey the king of the pumped and massive muscle gods.

THE LOOKS!! Poor Alexey suffers from what I call "Head Doesn't Match The Body Syndrome". How the FUCK does a head soooo fucking boyish and CUTE managed to be attached to THAT mountain of freaky muscle mass?? JEE. ZUS. WEPT!! If I'm not busy staring at those massive pecs or gawping at those amazing biceps, Im drooling over that adorably cute face! I love the way he just adorably and cheekily grins at the audience, all lovely and almost innocent looking, like butter wouldn't fucking melt, as he's fucking BLASTING a nasty Most Muscular...every single one of his gigantic sized body parts exploding to ridiculous degrees. A flat out freaky as fuck MONSTER who looks like he's just stepped off another fucking planet with the head of a chap so lovely and cute he looks like he gets his cheeks pinched daily by any and every passing elderly woman on the street!

And here's what else you guys have had to say about this incredible muscle monster over my numerous Alexey posts...

- The Biggest, Best Built & Most Handsome Man -- EVER!!

- Massive baby-faced powerhouse!

- his glutes are immense as cannon balls and those tits look like balloons exploding! Alexey lesukov is most perfect bodybuilder of the world

- He looks like he's morphed...but he's not! Those massive plump melon sized muscle man tits are the biggest bone inducing pecs I've ever laid eyes on. The way they hang over the shelf of his roided boy belly is insane!

- Instant boner seeing his massive roid gut. His muscle ass is going to need its own zip code soon.

- his relaxed pose is fucking hot because those massive young dream PECS just explode no matter if he's flexed or not. he' just beyond anything out there. WOOF!!!!!

- Looks like a mutant freak boy and I mean that in the best possible way

- FUCK that body is so ball-emptying and when you factor in THE cutest damn face, like EVER, well it's a wonder there are any straight men left in the world with gay wet dreams in human form like Big Al waddling around.

And if you're an Alexey fan, I urge you to watch this incredible video filmed at last years Arnold Classic Europe..pumping up before hitting the stage. The tits just look FOOKING ridiculous! He seriously doesn't look like he get any more PUMPED!! Just amazing!


  1. I agree this pretty monster is incredible and the pecs are more than handfuls--imagine them in your hands Addict. I would also like to draw your attention to the new bulked up delicious Italian Lorenzo Filippi--ten handfuls of pecs and fucking poser stretched uncontainable glutes- his most muscular pose will make salivate.

    1. I hadn't heard of Lorenzo before matie but I've done a search and agreed - he's a definite hottie! Thanks for bringing him to my attention! ;)

  2. I just always dream that the head of Alexey's dick is like his enormous muscled man tits, huge, granite hard, shiny as the sun shining on stainless steel and a rim like a marble counter top. WOOF AND DOUBLE WOOF!!!!!! The poll is going great Addict. thanks.

  3. OMG! That picture of him standing at the juice bar wearing that black painted on t-shirt is INSANE! I'd kill to be that shirt!

  4. Shit addict! Over thirty five minutes of the Arnold classic. What do you think a guy's bollocks and right hand can take? I'm gonna cum back to this again and again. Luv it! Fucking luv it!!

  5. He's gotten incredible size, but he still doesn't have that hard, vascular muscle look. If he were to get that and keep his size - watch out!

  6. the fact of seeing him at the 10th place while Tomas Bures is only at the 17th seems strange to me, because Tomas has a more aesthetic physique in my opinion

  7. woof ! the best bull ever! alexey lesuskov has biggest ass of the world ! i love this muscle guy

  8. bull! alexey is a bull! i´m an Alexey fan fuck what are those tits? looks like a gorilla so huge and that monster ass omg i lose myself inside those buttocks. this man is perfect the hottest of all bodybuilders that you've posted here on the blog.
    thanks muscleaddicts

  9. i´m a straight curious but i confess Alexey lesukov is most perfect bodybuilder of the planet his monster muscle ass just drive me crazy. I'd love to devour that enormous big monster ass i´ve heard some guys at my gym say they think alexey´s butt sexy
    webmaster why he doesn´t show us his huge juicy ass in a erotic photo shoot?

  10. omg ! hottest massive man ever ! look at the size of those boobs and glutes their tits could feed a camel please Could you post pictures of their evolution from childhood? would be interesting Alexey lesukov is a part of my wet dreams



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