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The guy: All American muscle stud Brad Rowe has had a fantastic year. He placed 7th in the Heavyweights at the NPC USA's, and 2nd in the Heavyweight category of the IFBB North American championships, but his best outing was at last months NPC Nationals, where he, again, placed 2nd in the Heavyweights but also earned his pro card and status as an IFBB pro bodybuilder!

What we love: Where do we start?? Ridiculously handsome, and impossibly gorgeous, Brad is hands down one of the best looking bodybuilders in the business. Then there's the ripped to Ripsville bod of incredible beef, where nothing falls short, but without a doubt, *those* fucking QUADS impress more than anything else. Those wheels are just insane!! Massive and shredded beyond reason, Brad's tree trunks barely look human! And then there's the hard ripped glutes which he loves to show off (recent evidence can be found here...FUCK) and of course, that cheeky/charming tude and posing style and his reputation for being an all round nice guy and absolute sweetie! I'm loving Brad more and more these days and I can't fucking wait to see what the future holds for him as a pro!


And if you missed my recent post featuring Brad pulling down his trunks to reveal his rock hard upper glutes in an interview & posing video, or just want to view it again, you can watch it right here...


The guy: Phil "The Gift" Heath fought off competition from the likes of Kai Greene and Dennis Wolf at the biggest bodybuilding event of the year back in September, and was crowned Mr Olympia for the second consecutive year.

What we love: The freaky as fuck, superhuman sized mountain of hard, dense, thick fucking muscle MASS, complete with monstrous, braided tree trunk quads, phenomenal canon ball delts, insanely huge breathtaking biceps, and thick, juicy, balloon-esque pecs coupled with some the most over the top, hyper masculine, in your face, testosterone fuelled, powerful, cocky, arrogant TUDE he displays when he's battling it out on stage and cranking out those poses! The facial expressions Phil pulls when he's on stage showing off that otherworldly mass of muscle are nasty, crazy, outrageous, and just plain fucking AWESOME!


The guy: James Flex Lewis aka The Welsh Dragon won the 212 category of the Mr Olympia for the second year running, beating off competition from Jose Raymond and David Henry, then went on to take another win in the 212 category of the EVL's Prague Pro!

What we love: The cute, cheeky, boyish looks! The awesome, animated posing and cheeky, playful attitude he displays when he's on stage ripping the BEEF! The cocky, scrunchy facial expressions he pulls and his infamous, outrageous tongue flashing! The 5"5 mass of amazingly PUMPED, undeniably HUGE, carved to perfection BEEF which makes up that incredible body! Those hot, braided, shredded to fuck wheels! The granite hard diamond calves! The awesomely pumped, slabby muscle tits hanging off his chest! The two crazy huge, skin stretching, loaded to fuck guns! And probably best of all...those inhumanely striated, hard as nails, alien looking fucking GLUTES which make up one of *the* hottest, and most amazing asses in bodybuilding!


The guy: American pro mass muscle monster Evan Centopani won the IFBB Tampa Bay Pro in August, qualifying him for his second Mr Olympia, where he placed 13th.

What we love: That fact that he is an absolute BEAST! A tank sized bull of granite hard, ripped to shreds, freakishly vein splattered mass! Throw in some sexy, handsome looks, awesome/cheeky posing and cocky stage presence and you have one of *the* hottest current American pro muscle beasts in the business!




The guy: Ever popular Canadian muscle brute/bodybuilding superstar Ben "Pacman" Pakulski stomped onto the Arnold Classic stage in March to claim 2nd place (he placed 4th last year) losing out only to Dexter "The Blade" Jackson.

What we love: The uber-macho, incredibly sexy good looks! The freaky as shit, beyond awesome, carved out mountain of muscle! Those enormous, watermelon fucking delts! Those monstrous, crazy conditioned quads! His hot, hard, striated cheese grater glutes! And not least of all, that crazy awesome, beyond cocky, hyper aggro, bordering on down right fucking animalistic TUDE he displays when he's on stage in his shiny trunks, ripped and zipped and barely looking human and cranking, flexing and squeezing all of that incredible, out of this world beef!


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  1. Possibly the best description of Ben Pacman Ive ever read. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the line up.


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