Thursday, 19 December 2013


The guy: 24 year old German bodybuilder Roman placed 3rd in the Super Heavies at the Arnold Classic amateurs, then went on to earn his pro card when he won the German Nationals, only to have it taken away due to a change of rules in the IFBB. He's now prepping for the 2014 Amateur Mr Olympia, held in Prague this June.

What we love:

THE LOOKS!! How is it possible for one boy/mountain of ripped up, roided up, jacked up muscle to be so damn fucking GORGEOUS?!! Seriously..I would like to know! Roman could quite possibly be *the* hottest/cutest/sexiest thing to ever pick up a dumbbell. So damn fucking handsome with that amazing jaw line, those pretty eyes and his heart throbbing smile. He's boyish and cute and yet soooo fucking masculine/butch. MINI WOOF!! And doesn't he just fucking LOVE to arrogantly screw and scrunch up that uber-gorgeous mush as he's squeezing and flexing that shredded boy beef, and cranking out those poses?! Can I get a grrrrr-UFF?


THE BOD!! The ripped to the fucking bone, cut to ribbons, striated to fuckity fuck, SHREDDED to the end of the fucking Berlin Wall and back bod!! Look at those perfectly shaped stacked up little ab bricks crunching out of his tummy. Look at those blown up vein encrusted biceps exploding up to the roof when flexed either side of that ridiculously sexy head. Look at those shredded to buggery braided quads flaring out underneath his tiny sticky posing trunks. And, lastly, look at...

THAT ASS!! That hard, striated like no normal bootie is, otherworldly, posing trunk gobbling ASS!! HO. LEE. SHIT!! Look at those big hard cushions of butt beef blowing out of his second skin posing trunks! Striated. To. Fuck! I've seen less lines on a train track. Someone pass me my guitar pluck..I wanna strum a tune on those crazy striation covered ass cheeks.

And here's what you guys had to say about Roman...

- Absolutely the most handsome and sexiest bb around. And I thought antoine was hot!!!! This dudes beyond gorgeous. Hyper masculine and that grin???!!! I like him just the size he is. He's ripped to perfection.

- I was just taken by his overall appearance, very symmetrical, very ripped, large, and so so BUTCH. From his handsomely rugged face, the heavy jaw line (with stubble) – so effing hot. The deep set eyes and heavy forehead. He can scrunch his moosh all he wants, he looks so hot, he can’t make a bum move in my opinion.

- I've followed Roman since he started. super sexy, stunning, young, butch, all man, all beautiful muscle and then more.

- Fuckin' 'ell this lad is awesome! I know he ain't massive yet but he's got muscle and he competes, what's not to like?? Deffo got an attitude too, seen vids of him flexing and you can see him totally getting off on the show off thing. This is intended as a total compliment: YOU FUCKING SMUG BASTARD. Gotta keep that attitude up!


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  1. Addict, as usual you have said everything about Roman that CUMS to mind. He is just so fucking HOT and I'm glad he knows it when he poses. Besides gorgeous, stunning, butch, rugged, all man, all young ripped muscle man, when he sports that 2 or 3 day hot, heavy beard, that's it, over the top and his tiny, sticky, shiny posers packed with young granite man muscle, it's another pair of briefs in the wash for me. They have all been great picks and with God Roman at # 5 the countdown has to be great. Great post as always. Thanks.

  2. Romans unbelievably hotter than hell !!!!! So incredibly handsome and masculine and that fucking body is amazing!

  3. fuck! look at those legs and glutes insanes ! i prefer Roman fritz in off season because his glutes are huge!!!


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