Saturday, 21 December 2013


The guy: 24 year old American muscle FREAK Aaron Clark made his pro debut in the 212 category of this years New York Pro, competing in the CRAZIEST fucking ripped, shredded to shit condition and placed a very impressive 4th in the 212 class.

What we love:

THAT FUCKING BOD!! JESUS H CHRIST THAT BOD!! Aaron is a 5'7 mass of smooth, shiny, hard, marble-esque beef, razor-sharp cuts and rips, and huge, juicy, pumped bulging muscle. Sliced and diced like you wouldn't believe, inhumanely RIPPED beyond imagination, peeled and fucking cut to razor sharp degrees and jaw droppingly SHREDDED to fuckity fucking FUCK! Every single carved out, granite hard body part is incredible, not least of all those lovely big lumpy bumpy wavy lined abbers which fucking BURST through his tummy like they're trying their damn fucking hardest to break free from the prison of that tight tight skin, those two beautiful thick plump balloons of beef bulging off his fucking chest, which look like they were carved out of fucking marble, and not to mention...that big ole juicy fucking bubble butt which looks like someone's shoved two fucking bowling balls down the pack of his undies/trunks! The dude looks like a frigging cartoon!!

THE LOOKS!! The lovely, gorgeous, cheeky chappie looks!! Not only is Aaron a freaky fucker in the bod stakes...he's also one fucking handsome muscle pup! What a little fucking STUD he is, with that bloody gorgeous mush and huge, bordering on Joker-esque, cheeky monkey smile!! 

THE TUDE!! FUCK THE FUCKING TUDE!! Aaron is one HELL of an awesome/tude pumped fucking poser!! FUCK YEAH!! And we're not just talking when he's on stage in shredded comp condition, plastered in shiny as shit tan, hot lil posers being gobbled up by his thick hard glutes, nope...Aaron cranks up the tude just as much when he's off stage posing for the camera, arrogantly scrunching up that hot gorgeous mush like "ooooompffff...get a load o' THAT fuckers...freaky or fucking WHAT?" or outrageously pursing his lips like "'s THAT for jacked...pumped and ripped baby...PUMPED. AND. RIPPED", and of course, he just fucking LOVES to open that mouth as wide as he possibly can, roaring at the camera/audience like some kind of pure testosterone fuelled ANIMAL!! RAAAAAARRRR!! "Beast Mode" baby!! FUCKING GO FOR IT AARON MATE!! 

And here's what you guys had to say about Aaron. Some of these comments are fucking AWESOME!! Loads of incredibly HOT, brilliant, creative, bonkers, over the top, enthusiastic observations and descriptions! I love it when I post a guy and he sparks a massive reaction with you guys...

OMFG!!!!!!!! Man, I was a little late to the party on Aaron--used to find him too bulky and not defined enough for my taste, but NOW?? Every time I see him he's more cut up and peeled as fuuuuuuuuuuuck. Especially in those NY Pro pics, JEEZ that is one dry-as-a-bone carved up midsection, criss-crossed with Grand Canyon-deep cuts all over. (PS amazing photography at this show, amazing up close detail, FUCK YEAH). I also of course love the insane scrunchy-munchy faces he pulls as he cranks out some of the most desperate, go-for-broke posing I've ever seen!!! And love that he has no qualms about being a cheeky roid monkey mass monster, fully embracing the most unbelievably freaky aspects of this amazing sport. By omfgmuscles

Freakin' AWESOME mate!! Can this dude crank the 'tude up ANY more??? Flex? Check! Pump? Check! Squeeze? Check! Strain? Check! Grimace? Check! All of the above?? You fuckin betcha!!!! By Musclenut

OMFG!!!!! beyond a wet dream, ONLY 23!!!!! years ago he would have to be 30 and not even close to this degree of muscled male magnificence. young massive slabs of perfectly proportioned muscle, carved and detailed like a marble statue etched with a razor. By Anonymous

God! Man, that Aaron Clark is SOOOO FUCKING HOTTT!!!! I can't get over how fucking masculine, muscular, massive!!!! TOTAL FUCKING ALPHA SUPERSTUD!!! By Anonymous

Sexy as ..., totally dominant, hard-full muscles, defined, aggressive, lovely mush. Like Yeah, he's nailed it. By oceej

Aaron Clark is NUCLEAR POWER-PACKED TESTOSTERONE!!!! He is so over the top masculine & HOTTT!!! So much POWER!!!! It's like he set the volume all the way up. If I looked like him, I would be ALL attitude. He knows he's a GOD, and the rest should bow down and worship him!!! By Anonymous

He was cute, then impressive. And now totally jaw-droppingly hot. I love everything about him. By Anonymous

Aaron is one super pumped muscle god! Massive striated muscle that does not stop. Those massive glutes, damn fucking hot. Super thick pecs and thick massive veiny guns - swoon! By Anonymous

OMFG I barely made it past that first instagram pic (#instagasm!). Gotta add my two cents to the chorus of admirers here...while I was kinda ehhhh about Aaron when he was a teen (not separated enough for my taste) he has DEFINITELY grown into such a fucking carved up, peeled, striated roid monkey. WOOF!!! That grimace alone is enough to compel a magic, private moment in my pants (splat!). Go for it, Aaron!! fuck yeah!!! My favorite pic (other than the GODLIKE NY Pro pics that I can't even look at or I'll waste the whole day jackin' off) is the "cheeky" shot of him sneaking a glute pic at the gym. OMFG!!!! Love, love, LOVE that Mr. Clark. By omfgmuscles

And here is an INCREDIBLE video of Aaron posing at the expo part of the 2013 Mr Olympia displaying that awesome/crazy/COCKY fucking tude we know and love! Surrounded by people, some of whom look like regular non muscle folk, who are attending the event, the guy behind the camera persuades Aaron to take his shirt off and start hitting some poses. At one point he says to Aaron "talk about what you're doing" and he cheekily says "just taking my shirt off and trying to make everybody go crazy"! I love how you can see people looking and staring but they're kind of trying NOT to, like there not exactly sure *if* they're supposed to, or allowed to stare!! As the video goes on, Aaron seems to get cockier and cheekier as he blasts the beef and shows off what a power packed little BEEF monster he is! He has absolutely no fucking qualms about pulling the same outrageous fucking expressions he does on stage!! Hands down the best part is the end of the video when he's BLASTING the beef against the backdrop, the dude's to the right of him barely able to keep their eyes off him! Just regular(ish) sized guys playing witness to this pumped up fucking muscle monkey just CRANKING it up and showing off what a freaky little muscle packed, roid pumped, superior BEAST he is while scroonching up his mush and screwing up his face into all manner of outrageous expressions, just lapping up the kind of attention he surely LOVES, knowing there's a good chance those dudes who can't keep their eyes off him would LOVE to be as huge and freaky as he is, even if only for a moment!


  1. AARON IS THE EPITOME OF TWENTYFIRST CENTURY BODYBUILDING!!!!!!! Barely out of his teens, this young raging, massively, totally musculine, gorgeous muscle stud dream is 10 years before his time is past decades. Besides his stunning boyish good looks and his incredible massive slabs of mature granite muscle covering him from his gorgeous head to his suckulent feet, when he sports those tiny red posers you zero in on that young muscled slab of manmeat streching that pouch for all it's worth. He among others the likes of Nick, Joel and Caleb we hope will provide years of spunk being shot at computer screens. Great post addict as always. The anticipation of these finals is great addict. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the awesome comment matie, and glad you're enjoying the rundown! Any predictions on who the top 3 guys will be?? ;)

  2. I won't make a prediction on the top 3 or the winner addict, because I love the suspence, besides after Aaron placed #4 it's to HARDON for me to choose three of the best spunk draining muscle gods when today the gambit of worship material is endless. Think about it, 50 years ago Larry Scott was the ultimate muscled male specimen on earth and by todays standards he would look out of shape. You have a tough job with the top 3 Addict, but I know you'll CUM through with flying colors. Thanks for your response and as always you're the best.


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