Monday, 23 December 2013


The guy: The always popular, Hungarian beef hottie Peter Molnar competed in a number of amateur shows in Europe this year, including the WBPF Grand Prix and the Top de Colmar, placing 1st in his category at both competitions.

What we love: Put simply, Petey is a living, breathing, walking, talking, pumping, posing, flexing, squeezing fucking GOD!! His body is like a work of fucking art! With his amazing symmetry, beautiful aesthetics, and huge thick hard tight juicy muscle mass, Peter looks like a fucking cartoon!! Look at those thick slabs of pec meat hanging from his chest! Look at those deeply grooved cut to fuckery tight as hell abdominal muscles! Look at those fucking HUGE rock hard-to-the-touch boulder biceps exploding and bulging underneath his dangerously thin skin! Look at that incredible fucking TINY tapered waist you have to rub your fucking eyes upon witnessing just to make sure they're not playing tricks on you! And oh yeah...look at that bloody GORGEOUS, handsome as hell, pretty boy face which compliments that bod so bloody beautifully, and which he just fucking LOVES to screw and scrunch up into the nastiest, hottest, cockiest grimaces, switching everyones thoughts from "oooh look how gorgeous and dreamy...I just wanna stare into his big pretty eyes and melt into his massively pumped arms" to "FUCKING 'ELL...what a NASTY grizzly fucking tude pumped FUCKER...I just wanna fill up my boxer briefs with half a pint of fucking man milk (phwooooarrrr)"! In short...the greatest, most genius fucking muscle obsessed imagination on Earth could not dream up a guy like Peter!!

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  1. Addict- You had me at "thick slabs of pec meat"- I could nurse on those for months. In a word DITTO everything you said.

  2. Yes Addict, DITTO AND DOUBLE DITTO. No need to go any further for me because what ever word is more perfect than perfect, that's PETER. Bronzed, oiled, straited, etched, stunning male magnificance in motion. He really has to get off knowing there's millions of us beating ourselves to shreds at the sight of him. Just wish I could get a glimse of Peter's rockhard, oiled, peter. Great post as always. Peter is #1 in my pants.

  3. TREBLE DITTO - you shouldn't be on this site if you have never filled your "boxer briefs with half a pint of fucking man milk" over Peter before now!

  4. DITTO seems to be the defining word to describe out this world muscled heartthrop PETER THE GREAT so I'll add TRIPLE QUAD DITTO. There can't be a more ultimate muscled male known that loads your briefs more than PETER.


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