Friday, 27 December 2013


The guy: Egyptian bodybuilder Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay, who turned pro when he won last years Amateur Mr Olympia in Kuwait, got everyone talking when he made his pro debut at the New York Pro in May. Wowing everyone with his freaky mass and incredible size, Ramy fought off competition from seasoned pros and won the show. Everyone was buzzing about Ramy after his victory, with some hailing him as "the next big thing", "a genetic freak", and even "a future Mr Olympia". His win qualified him for the Mr Olympia in September, where he placed a very impressive 8th!

What we love: First and foremost, the fact that he's an ABSOLUTE. FUCKING. MONSTER!! A tank on two fucking legs! A planet in a pair of posing trunks! Big Ramy is 285 lbs of monstrously HUGE, phenomenally THICK, inhumanely DENSE, flat out freaky as fuck muscle MASS! FUCK YEAH! The quads are fucking insane. They're like two incredibly thick, crazy wide vein splattered tree trunks, that are in constant battle with each other for space! The delts are fucking mad, like two enormous grapefruits bursting underneath his paper thin skin, which make the big man in question look like a frigging cartoon! The barn door back of superhuman sized proportions barely looks like it belongs to this world and looks phenomenal when he blasts out those rear poses, which also beautifully show off...THAT ASS! That HUGE, thick, juicy fucking ASS! Those incredible orbs of mammoth ass meat just completely eat up any shiny posing trunk fabric which dares to come into contact with it! Throw in some very masculine, pretty fucking handsome looks, a nice guy reputation, the fact that he's only 27(!), and the fact that he seems to be getting more animated and cockier with his posing on stage (FOOK YEAH RAMY) and we have one hell of a fucking bodybuilder well worthy of this no.2 spot!

On another note, for a good while it looked like Ramy was actually going to be in the no.1 spot. He was miles ahead of the other nominations for about the first week the poll was on the blog, and then the guy who eventually made the no.1 spot, who is still a very worthy winner and who will be revealed over the weekend, slowly caught up with him and beat Ramy by about 3 votes.




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