Tuesday, 31 December 2013


I wanted to do something special for the last post of the year, so this is a sort of celebration of the last twelve months worth of posts, featuring some of, what I think are, the best pics to have featured on the blog!

I just want to give a quick mention and highlight a few specific posts from this year. Some of these were particularly well received, others I had a lot of fun putting together and others are just particularly memorable to me for whatever reason.

I loved doing my series of "Cocky Posing" posts and you guys seem to love them too! I also loved putting together my "10 Hottest Asses In Bodybuilding" posts, my "20 Awesome Bodybuilders of 2013" posts and my recent "Muscle Addicts Inc Awards" (hehe) post, which was fairly popular, although that one seemed to get a bigger reaction away from the blog! Some of my more regular posts are always pretty well received too. I always love doing my "Muscle Pic Collections", as well as my less regular posts like my "Bodybuilders Posing At Home" series and, of course my "Glutes" posts which always get a great reaction!

My "American Amateur Bodybuilder" post was also particularly popular with you guys, as was my "2013 Arnold Classic Europe Amatuers" post, and my "Young Muscle #2: American Teen/Collegiate Bodybuilders" post featuring Cody Montgomery! Another memorable post which I loved putting together was my second collection of "Abs and Thighs" pics. I also loved doing my various polls on the blog, like my "Vote For The Next Bodybuilder to Feature on the Blog", "Vote For Your Favourite Glutes", "Vote For Your Favourite Abs", and of course my big "Vote For Your Favourite Bodybuilder of 2013" post! I love doing these polls because as well as being fun to create, it also allows for more interaction with you guys and gives me s good idea of the type of things/bodybuilders you like and want to see on the blog.

Some of my posts focusing on specific bodybuilders were also really popular, like my posts on Roman Fritz, Aaron Clark, Antoine Vaillant, Big Ramy, Raciel Castro, Peter Molnar, Alex Shabunya and of course Alexey Lesukov! However, some of the slightly less popular ones are particularly memorable for me and were really fun to put together and write. The ones which immediately come to mind are my posts on British muscle daddy Andy Polhill, Czech muscle hottie Jiri Borkovec, Russian cutie Ivan Kochetkov, Italian freak Emiliano Dell'Uomo, German muscle bull Manuel Bauer, American muscle beast Mark Dugdale, Cuban-American cutie Santi Aragon, Aussie hottie Jake Nikolopoulos and 23 year old Kiwi muscle beast Steve Orton!

And lastly, a quick mention to the only type of post that I actually feel nervous publishing, but also get the biggest kick out of doing so, as well as being the type of post that perhaps means the most to me in terms of receiving feedback...my muscle fiction stories! I would never have imagined that these would have received even half of the comments that they have, and back when I published the initial part of my first story I genuinely wasn't expecting anyone to comment as it takes a lot more time and effort to read a 7,000 word part of a story than it does to read the couple of paragraphs and scroll down the pics which make up my usual posts, so I can't tell you how great it is to know there is some kind of audience and genuine want for this type of thing on the blog! The reaction to the final part of my "American Muscle God" story was fantastic, and I also posted the first part of a new story "Charlie's Secret" which didn't get quite as big of a reaction as my previous one but which I actually enjoyed writing a lot more! I also had the pleasure of publishing a story a mate of mine wrote called "Deep Focus" which is hands down *the* best muscle story I've ever read, and caused the most amazing reaction from you guys, who seemed to love it as much as I did!

And one final note, I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has viewed/read/followed/commented on/enjoyed the blog over the last year! Without a decent sized audience and following I wouldn't be doing this blog so it really is appreciated!




  1. A special thanks Addict and a happy and safe 2014 for all the work, time and effort you put into this blog. As others have commented in the past, when we were in our teens some of us thought we were alone when we couldn't wait for the Muscle Mag to show up, to drool and CUM through the pages thinking we were alone in our muscle worship, but thanks to honest and upfront people like you we are comfortable in knowing we're not alone in our worship of the most magnificent, muscled, gorgeous male specimens on earth as your last page of the year exibits with a handfull of Gods on Earth. Thanks and as always, your the best.

    1. Happy New Year to you matie, and thanks for the lovely words ;)

    2. wow nice words dude I'm really touched by your comment. I remember in my teenage years 96/2000 when I bought several bodybuilding magazines I was drooling over them I Knew I Wasn't Alone. Million men worldwide practice this worship "man to man" even straight men have crazy fantasies about bodybuilders!
      i loved 10 Hottest Asses In Bodybuilding , thanks Muscleaddicts

  2. Happy New Year and thank you for the wonderful, sexy blog. May i know who is the guy on the first pic of this post?

    Thank you again and hv a wonderful muscular year ahead!

  3. Great first pic, canadian hot, young, gorgeous, muscled stallion Johnny Doull. Just love when Addict finishes one year and starts the next with young, testo packed, stunning muscle gods.

  4. they are all beautiful and sexy! oh muscleadicts keep posting those huge arses , pecs and legs! have you another blog with naked muscular men?
    happy new year !

  5. happy new years dude! thanks for your great posts! I loved the series "glutes" and "Vote For Your Favourite Bodybuilder of 2013". Big Ramy , Alexey Lesukov (yummy) and Steve Orton undoubtedly was three bodybuilders who stood out in 2013


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