Sunday, 1 December 2013


Thanks to everyone who took part and voted in my "Vote For Your Favourite Bodybuilder of 2013" poll! The poll is now closed, and I'll be counting down and revealing the twenty bodybuilders who received the highest number of votes over the next month! I'll be doing two posts initially, revealing the guys who made the #20-11 spots, and then the top ten most voted for bodybuilders will each receive their own special post!

For now though, another muscle pic collection of ripped up, jacked up, pumped up, juiced up fucking muscle boys ripping the beef, flexing the goods, showing off their insanely fucking HOT mountains of carved to fuck, striated and back muscle bods and basically just LOVING being the superhuman freaks of nature they are!! This month's collection includes...uber-gorgeous muscle stud Raciel Castro lifting up his shirt and showing off those tight tight blocks of gorgeously separated ab muscle, handsome muscle head Brad Rowe throwing some poses for the camera with his undies wedged up his bum crack (you naughty scamp Bradders), recent Arnold Classic Europe champion, Swiss muscle stud Sandro Hofer showing off his bronze painted, competition conditioned, shredded to fuckity BEEF in his shiny red trunks while looking handsome as FUCK, British beef BULL Anth "The Freak" Bailes blasting a side chest in a t shirt barely able to contain his beast-like muscle mass, All American muscle pup Cody Lewis prepping to compete next year and looking fucking HUGE, Egyptian hottie Ahmed Wardany greased from head to toe in competition tan and displaying those gorgeous blocky "touch em and you'll splat yer pants in 2 seconds FLAT" abber dabbers, beyond handsome Canuck beef hottie Johnny Doull in SHREDDED comp condition, flexing and cranking and showing off his hard striated quads, and cut to ribbons midsection in his shiny purple posers (SLURP), rocking that AWESOME/cocky/testosterone packed/go-for-it-lad TUDE, and Arabian FREAK Kamal Elgargni ripping up the stage and proudly showing off some of *the* most breath taking, heart stopping, pant-fucking-splattering mid-sections in the business, made up of 6 GORGEOUS looking, drum tight fucking skin covered, so tight you wonder wether they actually physially hurt the owner (oh and by the way can we check this guys social security number and passport please cause looking at those ripped to rippity blocks of stomach muscle I'm starting to doubt whether he is actually human), and so fucking CUT he looks like he got carved with a fucking knife ABS (FUCK YEAH), and loads more huge/shredded/carved/jacked/pumped/cocky/cute/sexy muscle freaks!!


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  1. Ohh my god - you have surpassed yourself. This post has got e so turned on its unreal. I am now imagining all if the ways I could explore and enjoy this muscle. There is too much to mention here but if I could just have some time with any of these lads - I really need to get to a show again! Awesome sexy horny and amazing post

  2. Great post and I agree that you have surpassed yourself that is some great quality of beef!!! Very unreal thank you again for the hot muscles expo!!!!

  3. Terrific collection Addict. I love how you mix it up, from massive muscle monsters to young, ripped, stunning testo gorged muscle stallions. The entire page is so fucking HORNY with Gods that you have to keep going back and forth till you zero in on one GOD for CLIMAX. Wet, Wet post Addict, you fellow MUSCLE HORN DOG. Thanks, as always your the best.

  4. WHO is the guy in teh show pic with his arms up showing his torso?? ID plz

  5. More raciel please !!!! This young Latin stallion gets me going like no other . It's not just his gorgeous perfect face,his massive biceps ,his incredible abs and his mother fucking massive mounds of man's those huge lickable nipples perched atop those tits that really takes the cake!


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