Saturday, 23 November 2013


For the past few months I've been counting down and revealing who I think have the biggest/beefiest/nastiest/juiciest/most freakishly striated/most pant splatteringly HOT asses in bodybuilding! Fuck yeah!! Here's how the top ten list is looking so far (if you missed my original posts click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2)...


Which only leaves one ass left to reveal! An ass so big it completely gobbles up any posing trunks which come into contact with it (the greedy fucker). An ass so huge you wonder how the owner finds pants that fit. An ass so fucking massive it defies all laws of fucking gravity. And the owner of this ass, which beats all the other asses in the business to proudly be crowned THE hottest ass in bodybuilding?


I only discovered this 23 year old Kiwi bodybuilder this year, but I instantly loved the tiny black posing trunks off him the first time I saw him! Everything about Steve is insanely hot! The gorgeous, sexy, macho looks! The incredible, OTT cocky, in yer face arrogant, testosterone fuelled, pure fucking animalistic TUDE he displays when he's flexing and cranking the beef! That BEAST of a carved to fuck, crazy conditioned, rock hard beef packed bod of tank-sized fucking proportions! And lastly...THAT ASS!! THAT HUGE HARD NASTY JUICY MEATY BEEFY MASSIVE FUCKING ASS!!! FUUUUUCKKKK!! That ass is so fucking big it deserves it’s own number badge on stage. Steve is without a doubt the owner of one of the biggest, nastiest, meatiest pair of gravity defying fucking GLUTES to ever make contact with a pair of shiny posers! He looks like he’s robbed a butchers and shoved the entire stock down the back of his trunks. Not only are those two fucking beef balloons MASSIVE, hard and juicy, but when he tenses the fuckers and cranks out those rear poses, a thousand fucking ripples and cheese grater-esque striations erupt all over them. FUCKING HELL YEAH!!

I'm also not the only one who is a little bit taken with Steve's gluteus giganticus! Here are some of your comments from my various Steve and glute related posts (you horny fucking butt loving lot)...

And speaking of 'butt'.....LOOK AT THAT FUCKING ARSE! As a (MAJOR) ass-man, Steve's ridiculously enormous, grotesquely overdeveloped, inhumanly, excessively, unnecessarily massively-muscular fucking TANK ASS makes my eyes pop, my mouth water and my boxers tighten like a vice. By Jack Hammer

FUCKING! FUCKING! YES!! OK this amazingly written, beautifully prosed, not to mention down right bloody HORNY comment was better than all my sentiments above! Best get a litre sized bottle of Evian and some massively baggy, XXL sized boxers to hand for this post matie!

I second every word you've written. Orton's ass is the only successor to retired bodybuilder John Hodgson for fantasy muscle ass. By Anonymous

OK agreed that cute/cheeky/cocky mass of Brit beef John Hodsgon (PHWOAR) did posses a big ole' bootie that could rival the Titanic in terms of sheer fucking size (Shawn Ray rather hilariously once said John was the only white man he'd met who had a bigger butt than he did) but I'm afraid we're gonna have to slightly disagree on this one, cause I have to say, I think Steve's ass is *even* fucking HOTTER than John's!!

Steve Orton!! Muscle ass to the nth degree. He needs a thread all his own.
By Anonymous

I am on the train for a whole post devoted to Steve Orton"s GLUTES/ASS/BUTT I don't care what you call it. Thrust it in my face Addict--pic after pulsating pic of his ass with the posers tucked up tight in his crack. By Anonymous

Hmmmm! I think that can be arranged lads! Here's hoping this post doesn't disappoint!

And here's some more of THAT bootie in all it's huge, juicy, nasty, MONSTROUS, unashamed, unapologetic, ass-tastic fucking glory (FUCK YEAH)...



And a post dedicted to Steve's mammoth sized bootie wouldn't be complete without some videos of that massive fucking ASS in action! One word: FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!

Link to my original Steve post:

Links to Part 1 & 2 of my "10 Hottest Asses" posts:




  1. Addict- this STEVE ORTON GLUTE POST- You gave me morning hardwood you lovely bastard. You can imagine my fantasies. #1 I would be so grateful to wake up to his ASS every morning and plunge in between his fat firm inviting glutes and fill his hot hole with my throbbing happy dick/cock/erect penis. He has the kind of ass you have to marry. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU.

  2. Addict-- Lukas Osladil did not make your list-- How is that? The dude can strike a pose and make his GLUTE MUSCLES RIPPLE AT WILL- A pec pump of the ass -an amazing in your face trick not many bodybuilders are capable of to my knowledge. I love you but Peter Molnar's succulent mountains of man ass should be ranked higher, but thanks for the joy you sent and send over cyberspace to all of us gay and proud to be male muscle worshippers here on earth. In difficult times it's nice to have a few moments to indulge the fantasy.

  3. For once addict I can't even begin to elaborate further of the way you've perfectly described Steve's young, tongueable, massive slabs of marble encased muscled meat, called an ASS, and try to imagine this ultimate muscled dream of total hornyness is barely out of his teens. WOW!!!! Thank god he's wearing thin shiny posers that suck in that gorgeous muscled canyon. That's an ASS that should be constantly tongue swabbed. As always addict, you CUM up with the best young muscle studs and another pair of wet briefs. great, great post. thanks.

  4. Thanks for these awesome comments guys! Lukas and his big/amazing/flexing/rippling bootie would be definitely be in the 11th spot, and as much as I love Peter's glutes I stand by my list, although some were easier to rank than others!

  5. All I can say addict as I drool over Steve's ass and breathing to the point of cardiac arrest is rather than win the power ball would be win steve and my tongue would grow to the size of a bath towel, and every day he CUMS home from a grueling, sweat drenched workout my giant tongue is there to soak every drop of muscle sweat out of that massive muscle encased man canyon.

  6. fucck! i lost this post ! omg! STEVE ORTON has a fuck amazing ass ! but my favourite asses are
    Big ramy and Roelly winkllar

  7. Hi Addict, I love your hottest asses list but may I draw your attention to my list of the WORLD'S TOP TWELVE GLUTE BEARING, BODACIOUS ASS BURSTING BODYBUILDERS who reliably pull their posers up their ass crack to make us slobber with gratitude. These men are proud to bare their ASSets for our viewing pleasure. See if you agree-- Why twelve you ask-- one for each month naturally.. so in no particular order (and of course our lists agree on some booties) STEVE ORTON, LUKAS OSLADIL, IVAN SADEK, KAI GREENE, MOE BANNOT, ANGEL HIGUERAS, LUCAS DI SANTI, EMILIANO DELL'UOMO, KRISZTIAN BERECZKI, ATTIEA SHALAN, MARCELLO CORSINI, AND JONATHAN CASIMIRO-- THERE YOU HAVE MY ASS LOVIN LIST OF SUPERMEN> IT WOULD BE SILLY TO ENTER BIG RAMY OR PETER MOLAR OR THOMAS BENAGLI ON MY LIST AS THEY HAVE ENTERED THE HOTTEST ASS HALL OF FAME ALONG WITH ENZO GUIFFRE WHO IS THE HIGH PRIEST OF ALL BODYBUILDER ASS WORSHIPERS . THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME BABY.

  8. Have I died and gone to Butt Heaven? I never dreamed it could be this good!

  9. Great list of hot muscle man buns, and thanks for pointing out Steve Orton. He is great to look at. Some of the responses have made me horny as well. Great stuff!

  10. Great list of hot man ass! And awesome choice in Steve Orton as the best set of buns. Made me horny checking out the pics, commentary and responses.

  11. I saw some video clips of Steve Orton in the Arnold Classic in Australia 2016. His ass was magnificent as always, but the overall thickness and power which his physique exudes is simply amazing. Needless to say, I find him a total turn-on.


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