Thursday, 14 November 2013


Before I started the blog, I used to make and post muscle videos on YouTube, usually compilations of muscle freaks cranking out Most Muscular after Most Muscular, a lot of which can be found on the "My Muscle Videos" page. Since starting the blog, I haven't made too many but lately I've been thinking about making a new one, and I've finally got round to it. I'd actually forgotten how much fucking fun I had making these! It's yet another Most Muscular compilation, only this time there's a bit of a fun/cheeky theme. All the Most Musculars cranked and squeezed out here are outrageously fucking cocky, over the top arrogant, beyond fucking cheeky, in some cases down right animalistic, and in most cases, just plain fucking BONKERS!! This video could be seen as a sort of extension of my recent "Cocky Posing" series so if you liked those posts, there's a chance you might like this!


  1. Totally BONKERS mate!!! Hope I've got the pleasure of the first comment! The first lad is just pure QUALITY, what a madman!! You can totally see the desperation/ determination all over his face as he squeezes it out!! And I loved the two 'we gonna do this mate? Yeah?? Let's DO it!!' guys from about 2.32, muscle madness!!!!

  2. YEA ADDICT, WORK EM!!!!!!!! Work those supreme muscled beasts. Scream, grunt, groan, pump, flex, strut, and sweat for those of us in the crowd with our hand in our pants going blind and crazy to see every thick, ripped, lean, pumped muscle crank it out till our pants are soaked worship gizz. great post addict. hope you CUM up with more. A comp like this of all lunge poses would be a nut buster.

  3. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!


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