Thursday, 7 November 2013


Here are a few appropriate ways of describing 23 year old German bodybuilder Tim Budesheim...

* An otherworldly handsome mountain of carved to perfection, granite hard, solid as fuck, thick as shit muscle mass!

*A beyond gorgeous mass of ripped to fuckity, marble-esque, vein splattered BEEF of tank sized proportions!

* An off the charts fucking HOT, big as they come, shredded to within an inch of his life half-boy half fucking muscle BULL!


  1. oh, he's absolutely beautiful. the young stunning, thick, full, butch, handsome, big muscle boy. if he wasn't from the fatherland, the could certainly be the all american muscle boy you wanted to set by in school, studying every inch of his gorgeous body while your hardon was rubbing the bottom of your desk. we all had one or several that we went home from school and dreamed about while we beat off. if his magnificent muscled body isn't enough his adorable boyish smile and those gorgeous lips are certainly a killer. 23 year old muscle pup that knows he drives us nuts. WOW!!!!!!! great post addict, never get enough of the young spunk drainers.

  2. Sweet lordy, this guy makes me weak! Truly, I'm a pile of mush just looking at him... Well, mush everywhere except my steel-hard crotch...

  3. Anyone know who the cutie in the grey sweatshirt is -- 13th pic from the bottom? Cutie and Tim are posing in Tim's hotel room, looking very comfy.

    There are quite a few pics of these two backstage, at the awards dinners, and such during Tim's recent contests. They're probably just buds, but my mind wants to go in other directions!

  4. anon, the ridiculously hot young muscled stud with Tim is his german muscle buddy Kevin LaGrudda. your right on, he is so hot, handsome, stunning and ripped to the boner. go to TEAM ANDRO and click the vid of just him and Tim posing and as much as i love Tim you won't be able to take your hardon off of KEVIN.

  5. correction anon, I spelled Kevin's name wrong. it's La Grutta and yes go to TEAM ANDRO and you will find a lot of workout vids of Kevin dripping in gorgeous muscle sweat and really great closeup views of his incredibly stunning face especially with a super hot beard. can't believe our CEO of muscle hasn't slurpped on this phenon of ultimate male perfection. no punt intended addict. your still the best.

    1. Hey Anon..I definitely know of Kevin! I agree..he's gorgeous, and sports some insanely SHREDDED beef, especially in his amazing quads! I featured him in my "Arnold Classic Europe" post last month but havent given him his own post as of yet!

  6. Oh yeah, Kevin La Grutta is totally gorgeous and ripped. And the posers he's packing! But I think the guy in question is fella in the sweatshirt with the stubble. Definitely not Kevin.


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