Saturday, 16 November 2013


Earlier this year I started a series of posts on the blog featuring the most ball achingly MASSIVE, not of this world fucking SHREDDED, door locked phone off the hook pants round the ankles HOT muscle freaks the Czech Republic has to offer. The first part focused on probably the most current high profile & successful Czech bodybuilder at the moment, the uber macho mountain of carved to the eyeballs man meat that is Tomas Bures (WOOF), while the second featured the part man, part bull, part brick fucking shithouse in a pair of posing trunks Petra Brezna (DOUBLE FUCKING WOOF)!

I had a few candidates/beyond hot, ripped to fuckity Czech muscle beasts in mind for the subject of this third post. I considered that handsome/gorgeous as fuck hottie come roided up tank of hard thick nasty muscle mass Tomas Kaspar, who I featured in my "Arnold Classic Europe Amateurs" post last month. Another possibility was a lesser known guy called Ondrej Mlaka, a cute/cheeky looking fucker who clearly just LOVES being huge and cranks and blasts out his poses with the hottest, cockiest, most animated fucking TUDE when he's on the stage, ripped to the eyeballs and squeezed into his indecently shiny posing trunks. If you're not familiar with Ondrej, it's well worth doing a search for him on YouTube. This video in particular shows off how awesome, cheeky and hot he is! However, as much as I like those bodybuilders, there was one another quite clearly obvious, and much deserved candidate. One of the most high profile and admired Czech bodybuilders of quite a few recent years...Lukas Osladil (TRIPLE FUCKING WOOF WITH TONGUE HANGING OUT AND TAIL WAGGING FRANTICALLY)!!

So what makes Lukas so worthy of his own post? Well for a start...LOOK AT THE FUCKING BOD!! Carved out super sized mound of man beef after carved out super sized mound of man beef! The insanely thick cushions of pec meat bulging off his chest are incredible, those crazy huge, braided to fuck, vein splattered quadders are amazing, those skin stretching balls of granite hard bicep meat are insane, and those two otherworldly HOT orbs of juicy, ripped to rippity ass meat he calls his glutes are just plain fucking horny!! Speaking of Lukas' ass, he often does this quirky and insanely fucking AWESOME move in his posing routines, which can only be described as a "Butt Ripple"! He flexes the muscles in his ass so it looks like his big hard juicy glute has suddenly sparked to life and started dancing and rippling like fucking CRAZY! It almost looks like something has gotten trapped underneath his skin and is wriggling like mad to fucking escape! It's just such a bonkers, surreal, not to mention fucking HOT move! If you've never witnessed it, there's a perfect example at 0:36 of this YouTube video (which is also the first video featured in this post)!

To compliment that crazy, awesome posing and outstanding bod are Lukas' looks. He's handsome and cute but not in the most conventional way. There's a slight quirkiness to Lukas' looks (something I love in guys) and while he's uber fucking masculine with that hot balder-than-a-boiled-egg head (PHWOAR) there's also a sort of boyish quality to Lukas! It's hard to pin point what exactly but it all just makes for such a sexy & unique look.

The cheeky, unique posing, the cute, quirky looks, the out of this world fucking PHENOMENAL bod, those thick, crazy tits, the massive, corded quads, the stacked, shredded abdominals, the huge, hard guns, and of course, THOSE big, thick, juicy fucking GLUTES (FUCK YEAH) all make Lukas one of *the* hottest Czech bodybuilders on the planet, and if you weren't already a fan, there's a fairly good chance you will be now!


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  1. thanks Addict- I could not agree with you more.. Osladil is freaky hot and there is no part of his body that is not a feast for the eyes. In fact I want to put my mouth on every part of his body. Can you do a post of just his meaty glutes closeup jumping out of my/our computer screens? His body is an addiction- wish he had some nude photos. BTW Krisztian Bereczki is worthy of your erect attention in a post of his own too. Thanks again and be blessed for catering to our harmless addiction.

  2. Addict - Osladil is the ultimate total package. Those big man meat pec slabs especially are incredible. He is a muscle addicts dream!

  3. With Lukas, it's all about 'dat ass for me! He's built a gorgeous pair of plump glutes and damn is he ever going to show it off in an array of poses. Loving it!

  4. He did porn before he became a pro bodybuilder, but even after creating a monument to superhuman, gorgeous, thick, granite, spunk draining, most flexible, polished bronze muscle he has some beautiful nude man muscle shots with his load of thick liquid muscle on his marble cum gutters ready for tasting. Lucas Osladil AKA Lucas Festa. great post addict. the best shot for me to shoot is the bareass hands and feet on the floor. Pure Worship to rub, lick and ride. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. I've grown to like/adore Lucas.
    His genetics aren't the greatest, but over the years he has steadily piled on the beef. The bald head and delight he takes in becoming more beastly is spunk inducing.
    Piling on the beef and happy with the process
    He's also more risque when it comes to poses, no one else does the standing splits, no one else does the rippling glutes/side bicep shot.


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