Friday, 29 November 2013


NICK TRIGILI = INSANELY AWESOME CRAZY HUGE SUPER PUMPED MOUNTAIN OF CARVED OUT  RIPPED UP ALL AMERICAN MUSCLE MASS!! There’s so much to love about this 26 year old muscle beast. The gorgeous, handsome, masculine good looks, the huge jacked mass of pumped up man meat, complete with MASSIVE guns, stacked abs, a monstrous barn door back, freakishly vein splattered tree trunk-esque quads, and a crazy hot pair of glutes which seem to get bigger, hotter, harder and more striated with every show he competes in, and that awesome, cocky, testosterone fuelled, TUDE he brings whenever he steps on stage tanned from head to toe in shredded condition, wearing nothing but his ass devouring posing trunks, scrunching and screwing his gorgeous face up into all kinds of outrageously cocky expressions. There’s been loads of coverage of Nick over the past few months in the build up to this month’s NPC Nationals, where he was hoping to win his pro card, with some awesome videos from Muscular Development, and insanely HOT pictures of Nick looking incredible being published. Unfortunately earlier this month, Nick dropped out of the Nationals due to “unforeseen circumstances”. As well as being gutted for Nick, I would have personally loved to have to seen him get his pro card, and I was looking forward to seeing some footage of Nick back on the bodybuilder stage, ripping the beef and looking amazing in shredded competition condition. Nick has promised to come back “bigger and better” in 2014, and has a plan in place to finally earn that much sought after pro card.






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  1. Can't say much more than you have Addict, other than NICK is the ultimate gorgeous MUSCLEBOY and when he sports his beard with all that bigboy muscle he couldn't be HOTTER. He's one of those young musclegods that should be mandatory on stage to wear a mesh cock sock with dental floss holding it. WOOF!!!!!!! Great post Addict as always. Thanks.


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