Sunday, 6 October 2013


Last weekend at the biggest bodybuilding event of the season, Phil Heath was crowned Mr Olympia for the third consecutive year. Looking at his physique it's not hard to see why. Phil is a flat out freaky as fuck MONSTER! A mountainous MASS of insanely huge, indecently thick, inhumanely shredded muscle! Look at those monstrously thick, freakishly braided, vein splattered tree trunk quads. Amazing! Look at those laughably big, wide as FUCK, superhuman canon ball delts. Awesome! Look at those impossibly HUGE, hard beyond belief, paper thin skin stretching guns. Insane! Look at those incredibly huge, out of this world striated, poser trunk gobbling glutes. Bonkers! And look at those beautifully shaped, insanely fucking THICK, juicy bulbous balloons of pec meat bulging off his chest. INCREDIBLE! It's not just the fact that every single one of Phil's body parts is huge and shredded that impresses, it's the shape, the quality of the muscle, and his overall aesthetics. Every single muscle just explodes and POPS and every single inch of that muscle, while looking beyond freaky and inhuman, just looks nothing short of fucking beautiful! There is, of course, another area where Phil impresses, and something a lot of muscle fans and I love about him. The over the top, hyper masculine, in your face, testosterone fuelled, powerful, arrogant, cocky, aggressive ATTITUDE he displays when he's battling it out on stage and cranking out those poses. The facial expressions he pulls when he's blasting those biceps, popping those pecs, crunching those abs, clenching those glutes, working that stage and just fucking ripping the BEEF are nasty, crazy, outrageous, and just plain fucking AWESOME! Pay some respect and show some love for the all out fucking freak, superhuman muscle monster, and current bodybuilding champion Phil "The Gift" Heath...

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