Monday, 21 October 2013


What I love about British bodybuilder, and recent Mr Olympia 212 champion James Flex Lewis...

- The awesome combination of those cute, handsome, masculine looks and...

- The cheeky, boyish charm and nice guy reputation.

- The 5"5 mass of amazingly PUMPED, undeniably HUGE, carved to perfection BEEF which makes up that incredible body, and comes complete with...

- A pair of hot, braided, shredded to fuck wheels, two crazy cannon ball shaped fucking delts, a pair of monstrously thick, granite hard diamond calves, a pair of deliciously pumped, slabby muscle tits hanging off his chest, two bonkers huge, skin stretching, loaded to fuck guns, and (probably best of all)...

- Those otherwordly striated, hard as nails, alien looking fucking GLUTES which make up one of *the* hottest, and most amazing asses in current bodybuilding!

- The awesome, animated posing and the cheeky, playful attitude he displays when he's on stage ripping the BEEF, complete with those cocky, scrunchy facial expressions and his infamous, outrageous tongue flashing!! FUCK YEAH!!

What you guys love about British bodybuilder, and recent mr Olympia 212 champion James Flex Lewis (taken from comments from my numerous past Flex posts)...

The most muscular pose with Flex sticking his tongue out is incredible. He is flexing those massive, roided and ripped pecs and showing that damn cocky attitude. Flex has it all, including massive tree trunk legs, to go with his incredibly pumped up and massive hard rock pecs, V shaped back and cannon ball glutes, yeah!!

Flex has really hit the genetic jackpot. Love him both as an offseason MOUNTAIN and in ripped to fucking hell contest shape, particularly when he scrunches up that cute face while rocking a big ab/thigh or most muscular.

'A' grade genetics, excellent symmetry (mo major weaknesses, good density and good stage presence. His muscle groups flow so well into one another, which many other bodybuilders lack.

Thick solid block of full granite hard striated pumped cocky muscle. the crab tongue pose, the thickest hardest bis, delts that would support a house, legs drenched in huge corded slabs of beautiful muscle and YES glutes that are so straited and ripped the striations are ripped.


  1. His non-bloated carved mass is mind blowing, besides spunk blowing. just look at his incredible back, thick etched slabs of granite and those separated tongue destroying glute muscles are definitely break your knees as you drop to the floor total worship material. WOW!!!!!! great post addict.

  2. Should he be Mr. O?

  3. Anyone named "Flex" has to bring the muscle, and he does! Big time! Looks like he has plenty of muscle attitude too, to win big time. I hope he will do well, without turning into a freaky over-the-top roid-head. Right now his proportions are mind-blowing and so nice and handsome. The boy-next-door bodybuilder, if you will. Very hot but in a cuter sort of way. Me like Flex!

  4. Pass the tissues! He's unbelievable. Every time I see video of him or look at pictures I'm just like, What?! Unreal thick, braided muscle...everywhere. His proportions are so perfect and the cocky arrogant on stage attitude just makes me want to drop to my knees in worship and obedience. He's a pant ruiner if ever I saw one!

  5. Top class as always mate! Man Flex does that fucking attitude filled, mush scrunching grin better than ANYONE!! Always looks like he's TOTALLY loving it, which he damn well should be with that physique! Gotta love those sparkly shiny trunks he seems to be so fond of these days. Go Flex, you the fucking MAN!!!!


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