Thursday, 31 October 2013



#1. The fact that he is an absolute fucking MONSTER!! A genetic fucking freak of nature! A mammoth monstrous mountain of huge thick superhuman muscle mass!!

#2.Those insanely huge, incredibly wide tree trunk powerhouse vein splattered fucking QUADS which flare for fucking miles and are in constant battle with each other for space. Those things are just fucking INSANE!!

#3. Those enormous, cartoon-esque watermelon DELTS which would surely destroy any fucking door frame unlucky enough to come into contact with them!

#4. Those monstrously massive, incredibly THICK carved out muscle tits which make up that otherworldly chest. The sheer thickness of those fuckers is breathtaking, especially when he’s blasting out a side chest!

#5. That ridiculously HUGE barn door fucking back of beyond superhero fucking proportions (he’d eat Batman for fucking breakfast) which just flares out for-fucking-ever, helping to make up the most insanely awesome image of Ramy’s rear poses, along with…

#6. THAT ASS!! THAT MASSIVE JUICY POSING TRUNK GOBBLING FUCKING ASS!! How how HOW did Ramy get that ass so BIG? He carries more meat and muscle in those otherworldly glutes than most men carry in their whole bodies!

#7. The fact that he wasn’t even a pro a year ago and now he’s showing up seasoned pros with his incredible size and freaky mass and placing well in the biggest bodybuilding shows on the planet!

#8. The fact he is only 27. What the ACTUAL fuck?! Just incredible!!

#9. The combination of the humble, nice guy reputation he seems to be earning and the fact that he seems to be getting cockier, cheekier, nastier and scrunchier (RUFF) every time he steps on stage to flex and squeeze in his always colourful posing trunks!

#10. The effect he has on muscle lovers, beef junkies & bodybuilding fans alike. EVERYBODY seems to love this monstrous mountain of MASS! Looking at the below pics, it's not hard to see why…


  1. omg! i lve this man Big Ramy is one of my hot bodybuilder nowdays ! what an ass! fuck quads!
    nice post muscleaddict

  2. shit !what the fuck? this guy is a fucking monster . I'm an addict muscles and love those massive piece of meat and what is that fucking huge ass? can only be the fucking genetic . arabia is the barn-bred bulls . How i´d love drinking their nectar genetic everyday for breakfast and then go to the gym . My dream is to become a bull like MAMDOUH "BIG RAMY" ELSSBIAY.

  3. FREAK it is not a bull is a mammoth when I see this guy i go crazy! how did he get that monster huge ass? what I would not give to spend my tongue in your body


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