Tuesday, 8 October 2013


What I love about Brazilian bodybuilder, and recent Mr Olympia 212 competitor Eduardo Correa...

- The ridiculously handsome, super masculine, flat out gorgeous as fuck good looks!

- The fact he is not only a 5"7 pumped up TANK of beastly proportions, but also always competes in...

- The most inhumanely fucking ripped, out of this world fucking SHREDDED condition!! How how HOW does Eduardo manage to get his body parts so unbelievably fucking PEELED, especially...

- Those bonkers fucking QUADS!! What the actual FUCK?! Hands down some of the most insanely conditioned wheels in the business. Lines and cuts and separations you never thought possible!

- Those beautiful looking, narrow, hard as fuckity fuck, mega thin skin encased abber dabbers popping through his tight tight midsections. WOOF x1000!!

- Those big, thick, slabby marble-esque fucking tits which bulge off his chest, jumping up to his gorgeous, ridiculously masculine chin when he blasts a front lat spread (OOMPFF), and exploding and fighting for space which his incredibly hard boulder bicep muscle when he pops a side chest (BOOOF)!

- The awesome/cheeky/cocky/charming TUDE he brings with him on the stage, flexing and squeezing and blasting and cranking all that super shredded, dry as crackers, hard as fuckity fuck BEEF with the most awesome/bonkers/cocky/HOT facial expressions. Scrunching up that perfect mush of his, jamming his eyes tight shut, gritting his teeth and flashing that insanely sexy grin of his!

What you guys love about Brazilian bodybuilder, and recent Mr Olympia 212 competitor Eduardo Correa (taken from comments from my numerous past Eduardo posts)…

Eduardo possesses the face of a beauty and the body of a BEAST!!!! GRRRR!!! The combo of Eduardo's classically gorgeous handsome good looks with those shockingly ripped to fucking fuckety fuck muscles (especially those granite-hard abs and otherworldly quads) truly leaves me speechless.

WOOF!!!!! dark, handsome, adorable smile, heavy beard and then the muscles, thick, ripped, deep carved slabs of marble covered with dark satin skin and beautiful brown nips to decorate his striated gorgeous pecs and most of all he knows what posers we love. tiny, shiny, tight posers always tucked in those ripped blocks of lickable glutes and that tiny pouch packed with that thick latin slab of muscled meat.

GRRR. Eduardo is one compact mountain of ripped and super pumped muscle! His outrageously pumped pecs topped with those big suckable nips and his back and glutes of granite hard muscle upon striated muscle have me hard and ready to beat every time.

WOOF!!! eduardo, muscle worship at its finest. adorable, heavy sand paper beard, killer smile, and from there on thick slabs of carved granite muscle with the most magnificent hanging hard blocks of lickable luscious PECS and perfect dark brown nipples to go totally crazy over.


  1. You can't beat a Brazilian bodybuilder for absolute gorgeousness,hotness,brutal machismo,muscled up,mountainous,voluptuous and totally worship ready ! Eduardo is superb. What a man! Those pecs are to die for

  2. About 11 minutes into the third video some lucky bastard was rubbing oil on his abs during the photo shoot. Who do I have to kill to get THAT job!!?!!

  3. MEGA WOOF!!!!!!! i can't imagine how many loads i've shot, watching this monument of latin muscled male beauty. hardness beyond compare, thick, ripped and handsome always with that heavy dark beard shadow, OH MY GOD , the hardest of hard carved legs, totally worship legs, and yes those massive pecs with those gorgeous dark brown cum shooting NIPS like raciel castros big brown headlights. OMFG!!!!!!! had to be left here from another planet. great post addict as always. thanks.

  4. I´m also brazilian! brazilian guys are sexy is a mix of Portuguese Spanish Italian and african! Brazilians guys have huge legs and ass! eduardo correia is a hot bull. he is a representative of the beauty of the Brazilian man!

  5. fuck yeah! Eduardo correia has one of the best asses I've ever seen! love brazilian guys and arab men they ´re the best

  6. I'm not Brazilian. Italian, but not that happy to say that he buries the Italians I've seen lately! Compact yet rockin and rollin it!


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