Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I have featured some incredibly awesome, insanely PUMPED, ridiculously cute, amazingly fucking HOT young American bodybuilders on the blog this year. From handsome as hell, ripped to buggery, teen bodybuilding sensation Cody Montgomery to the freakishly fucking shredded, hard dry tight tight muscle stud Chris Bohonyi. From cheeky as fuck, tongue flashing beef monkey Bostin Loyd to uber-cute, protein chomping muscle hottie Jordan Michael Janowitz. Now it’s time for another in the form of 24 year old Lukas Duncan!

So what makes Lukas worthy of his own post? For starters…LOOK AT THAT FUCKING BOD!! BEAST ALERT!! Lukas is nothing short of a mountain of incredibly PUMPED, indecently HUGE, blown up fucking muscle mass. FUCK YEAH!! Every single inch of Lukas is swollen to obscene proportions and carved to outrageous degrees. Look at the insane rips and shreds in those mondo sized fucking quads. Awesome! Look at those monstrously massive biceps which stretch his tight cling wrap skin to the max as he blows them up either side of his head. Incredible! Look at the way those wing-esque lats fucking flare out, making him look like some kind of superhuman freak of nature. Insane! Look at that awesome, ab encrusted, carved out midsection. Unreal! And just fucking LOOK at those outrageously pumped, slabby mounds of pec meat bulging off his chest. Amazing!

Handsome, masculine and just a little bit gorgeous, Lukas looks like a cross between a younger version of Mark Dugdale (WOOF) and Nick Trigili’s little brother (DOUBLE FUCKING WOOF)! He’s an awesome fucker poser too! There’s a dozen videos of Lukas on YouTube posing and cranking the beef for the camera in awesome style, hissing loudly as he CRANKS down hard on his blown up superhuman muscle mass, everything popping and locking into place, body parts bulging and tightening in ways you never thought possible.

Young American muscle heads appear on the bodybuilding scene all the time. Some become successful big named pros, others compete for years as amateurs, never quite hitting the big time, and others fade into obscurity. It’s sometimes hard to predict which category new, young bodybuilders will fall into, but with Lukas it feels like something special has arrived. Huge, hard, carved, sexy, PUMPED, awesome, and just a little bit cheeky, Lukas is one young American muscle boy I can’t wait to see what the crazy world of extreme bodybuilding has in store for.

Link to Lukas’ website:
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  1. yes addict, YUM!!!! young BIG BOY!!!!! massive, powerful and covered in young, thick, armour slabs of gorgeous muscle. another young dream of male perfection to be totally worshipped. great post addict. how about an update on our young adorable russian muscle dream, IVAN. thanks.

  2. Glad you like the post matie! Funnily enough I am planning to do a new Ivan post very soon! ;)


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