Saturday, 12 October 2013


Last month I featured the first part of a post revealing who I thought were the owners of the hottest/hardest/biggest/juiciest/nastiest/freakiest/most posing trunk gobbling/striation plastered/gravity defying fucking glutes in bodybuilding. Here's who I placed in the numbers 10-6 spots...


For the original post, and pictures of the incredible asses of all the above bodybuilders, click here. The winning guy/ass will be revealed in Part 3 soon, but for now, here's who made numbers 5-2...


Is there any single fucking inch of German muscle boy Roman Fritz that isn't jaw droppingly, out of this world fucking HOT?! Amazingly shredded quadders, granite hard stacked little ab blocks, a tight tight pumped to buggery chest, marble-esque skin stretching biceps, and a drop dead fucking gorgeous face all play neighbour to a hard, tight, incredibly striated, line covered, alien-esque fucking ASS which just peeks out of any second skin posing trunks he climbs into, and fucking BEGS for the attention of anyone lucky enough to play witness!


There's so much I love about criminally underrated Italian pro muscle freak Emiliano Dell'Uomo. The hot/butch looks, the peeled to fuckity bod which he always moulds into the most craziest condition fro competitions, the awesome/cocky scrunchy mush posing, and..his ASS!! His big, nasty, juicy gravity-defying fucking ASS!! Question: how many bodybuilders does it take to prize Emiliano's rock hard cushions of glute beef apart? Answer: NONE..cause every single one of the poor fingers ends up in A&E with ten broken fingers from attempting to do so! How does a guy like Emiliano solve the dilemma of having to find undies and posing trunks to cover up those striated to hell and back balloons of ass meat? That's easy! He doesn't. He just tucks the material into the crack of his rump and let's the whole world ogle those striation plastered meat cushions. Lucky fucking us!!


The Welsh Dragon is famous for many things...being the most successful British bodybuilder in the last decade, being the current 212 Mr Olympia, his crazy monster sized calves, and, of course, those insanely freaky, inhuman looking fucking GLUTES! Just look at the frigging STATE of this tensed to fuck, ripped to buggery, shrivelled up shredded lil' muscle bootie!! Freaky does not even do this dangerously hot pair of glutes justice! Just a mass of incredible looking rips, cuts, lines and striations! No need for a cheese grater with these bad boys around!


BIG RAMY! Look at that monstrously massive, tank of a fucking muscle bod! Look at those insanely thick, wide as a house, mondo sized fucking quads! Look at those cartoonishly huge, door frame de-fuckin-stroying, melon sized fucking delts! And oh yeah...just LOOK at that mammoth sized, thick as shit, plump to fucking fuck ASS!! Those massive cushions of man meat could feed the entire population of a small island for a whole month! How does the owner find underpants and posing trunks to cover that thing! By the looks of things..he doesn't. Lucky fucking us! Those poor posing trunks just don't stand a fucking chance with those meaty fuckers. Now imagine walking behind him when he's wearing nothing but those posers...watching those big beefy buttocks wiggling and jiggling and wibbling and wobbling with every fucking step! I think I might have just died and I'm now in big juicy muscle rump heaven!

Which one of these incredible asses do you like the best?? Have your say in the poll below...



  1. fuck yeah big ramy of corse!!! this arse drime crazy! omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved the first one pic of roman fritz with their trunks stuck in the ass

  2. MAMDOUH "BIG RAMY" ELSSBIAY THE BEST ARSE ! he ´s a mamoth. Muscleadict How did he get that big ass? FUCK!!

  3. Mamdouh simply has no competition. His big fat muscle ass is a definite winner. Who knows just how many posing briefs that hungry butt has eaten. I envy those who have a chance to be near his rear.

  4. Ramy has the biggest juiciest muscle ass and i wish it was always that tan instead of applied--I would lick that ass until he screamed and begged for more. Also I hope Phil "the Gift" makes the list cause when he shows his glutes it's cafe fait au lait heaven-- Starbucks should name a coffee after his ass/

  5. Addict-- How did you miss Lukas Osadil for magnificent glutes-- is he on the list OMg he can pec pump his ass muscles-- I mean you must know him. He is fucking beautiful and his chest workout video is awesome -- he gives new meaning to raising wood.

  6. There are also Some incredibly Hot MATURE musclebutts like Hans Heinkele (Born 1962) or Dalibor Hajek (1970). Nothing turns me on more than to Imagine such an experienced muscle Mountain to Be Jumped by Some ambitious nerdie Little hardgainer with a huge boner. Heres my Personal ranklist:10th Frank Kärger,9th Vjatcheslav Pilikov, 8th Peter Molnar, 7th Florian Maier, 6th Martin Kjellstrøm, 5th Jerri Ossi, 4rd Felix Decker, 3rd Peter Baers, 2nd Hans Heinkele, 1st Dalibor Hajek.
    Actually I could expand it to the Top 100 , and add a list of the top 50 pecs,Top 50 legs, biceps, Top 50 faces and Top 100 bulges. Its fascinating to See over and over again,that the leaner, hardgaining Natural Bodybuilders have often huge bulges,whereas many roidbutts have ridiculous Small ones. I guess they just bend over and are open for hung nerdie admirers ...


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