Sunday, 15 September 2013


Big hard juicy booties!! Huge thick freakishly striated asses!! Insanely dry ripped up freaky as fuck glutes!! It's no secret I fucking love them, but which bodybuilders/muscle freaks/beasts/bulls/MONSTERS do I rate as having the biggest/juiciest/nastiest booties in the business??


One of the things I love the most about big bald sexy as fuck Greek muscle daddy supreme Mike Kefalianos is...his big ole fucking bot-bot!! Thick and hard and juicy and HUGE blowing out of/eating up any posing trunks which attempt to contain it!! WOOF WOOF!! I've watched enough stage vids of this always sexy muscle daddy gruffster to know that when he walks/waddles/struts about, those orbs of juicy ass meat wiggle and jiggle and wibble and wobble with every fucking step!! WOOF FUCKING WOOF!!


Not content with having a gorgeous face, big thick slabby pecs, huge hard croquet ball biceps, shredded fucking quads, tight hard abber dabbers and an impossibly tiny waist, Hungarian muscle hottie Peter Molnar also happens to be the proud owner of a gorgeous, juicy, perfectly round bootie which begs for attention any time it's facing an audience, and which no pair of shiny posers Molnar squeezes into ever seem able to completely cover! Do you see us complaining?!!


FUCK. ME. SIDEWAYS!! Just fucking LOOK at the state of Slovakian beef freak Miha Zupin's ASS!! Insanely fucking HARD, unbelievably fucking DRY and just inhumanely fucking SHREDDED. Look at those fucking striations! What the FUCK?? In stage shots it looks a little freaky and striated, and more just big, hard, juicy, gorgeous and totally fucking poser trunk devouring, while *still* covered in the hottest, most amazing fucking ripples.


Is there any part of Baito's body which isn't super fucking pumped & majorly fucking shredded?! The wheels are incredible...the abs are jaw dropping...the pecs are delicious....the biceps are bonkers...and the ASS is huge, thick, dry, nasty, striated to buggering buggery and just about one of *the* hottest things to ever fail to be covered up by a pair of teenie tiny trunk-trunks.


QUESTION: How many lines does 24 year old gorgeous muscle stud Justin Compton have on his lovely juicy glutes which have a cheeky habit of eating up any posers he puts on (the greedy fuckers)? ANSWER: 1..2..4..6..oh fuck it! I give up. Let's just say...a fucking LOT!! Just look how fucking rippled and striated this hot lil' bot-bot is!! FAAAAWKK!! Such a gorgeous/hot/bonkers looking bootie. With every contest those babies seem to eat up those trunks just a little bit more. Just save us all some time Justin and tuck those fuckers right into your crack and show off those insanely striated mounds of glute meat in all their full amazing glory!!

Which ass is *your* favourite?? Have your say in the poll below...



  1. peter and justin!!!!!! as much as i have worshipped peter, justin at only 24 is a fucking young, perfectly muscled, gorgeous, stallion of outragious proportions and just simply beyond his years. can't wait to see what he can add to his dream body. great post addict.

  2. they are all wonderful ai love their big butts my favourite ass is BAITOLLAH ABBASPOUR he has a monster ass he´s heaven!

  3. I hope Gustavo Baddell makes your list of hottest asses in bodybuilding-- imagine him in a g-string all oiled up flexing his gluteus maximus!

  4. I voted for Peter...also love Steve Orton from behind!

  5. I worship at the church of Roelly Winklaar's glutes--assuredly the gates to heaven--sort of....

  6. Justin is my favourite, he really has A grade genetics. His bum doesn't let him down either.
    Miha is next, the guy looks so virile, his ass just adds to his sexyness.
    Finally Michael for having quality glutes to compliment a classy package.

  7. Ass-tastic post, addict! I'm a sucker for Michael bubble butt -- big in all directions and dimensions, even when he's clenching those cheeks!

  8. Steve Orton!! Muscle ass to the nth degree. He needs a thread all his own. He's the biggest roundest most striated muscle ass to take the crown from retired British bodybuilder John Hodgson.

    1. A whole post dedicated to Steve Orton's massive meaty mammoth glutes?? Hmmmm...I like your way of thinking!! ;) And agreed..John had one of the biggest/hottest/juiciest asses in the business before he retired!

  9. There was also a guy Michael Zimmermann who ranked up there with Steve Orton and John Hodgson...

  10. Matt Lowden. Love how he grew into his massive ass over time, building a body to match his super booty.

  11. I am on the train for a whole post devoted to Steve Orton"s GLUTES/ASS/BUTT I don't care what you call it. Thrust it in my face Addict--pic after pulsating pic of his ass with the posers tucked up tight in his crack.. lucky is the man or woman (not hating if he is straight) who gets to feel,fondle. massage and oil up those juicy glutes-- I appreciate their good fortune. I want to give him a canal massage every time I see him give a back pose with those posers tucked up tight in his crack. In fact his ass IS crack.LOVE TO YOU ADDICT FOR THIS BLOG-- NOW CAN WE TALK POSER PACKAGES-COCKS AND BALLS AND BULGES ONSTAGE AND TEENY TINY POSERS IN THE FRONT AND BACK.

  12. Addict--Baby did Daz Ball's juicy glutes make your second list--I hope ? I saw a back shot of him in red posers that were ass bearing fantastic- in fact I would call it a thong because there was no bunching- beautiful man with a beautiful pair of glutes.

  13. Poll Closed? No way. Not before I vote for the only right answer. Peter Molnar without question. Sorry you other guys. Keep trying. :-)

  14. Freaking hell!! What I´d give to spend my life rimming these Gods´ massive asses!!! I´d let them kill me of assphyxiation any time!!


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